Call Center Hits Urgent 2,000 Extra Contacts A Day For Recall Effort

Category: Product Support

Five Star Centers supported a supplement company that manufactures and distributes dietary supplements and meal replacements. This company is known for their commitment to their product quality so when they experienced a product recall that affected thousands of customers, Five Star Call Centers knew they needed to respond quickly.


Urgently meet an extra 2,000+ customer contacts due to a recalled product.


Quickly develop quality agent resources for consistency, including escalations, and expand agent base with current and temp agents.


Consistent and accurate responses to an additional 2,000 contact per day.

One sentence summary

To support the product recall, Five Star Call Centers had to handle an influx of customer calls and inquiries quickly and efficiently. The recall was set to hit multiple social media platforms and all customers were going to be notified. Five Star Call Centers had to hire, recruit, and train agents quickly and equip them with the necessary tools, information, and support to address customer concerns effectively. 

One sentence summary

To address this challenge, Five Star Call Centers implemented several key strategies:

  • Sscaled up customer support by providing overtime for the current agent team as well as hiring additional agents and training agents supporting other accounts that could be mapped over to additional hours.
  • Five Star Call Centers and the client built a scripting process and FAQs to ensure consistency and accuracy for every customer interaction.
  • Developed a knowledge base and scripted the interactions through JUX for the agents. The knowledgebase and JUX contained detailed information about the recall, potential risks, refund process, and the contact flow for the agents.
  • Created an internal escalation queue that provided agent support. Any customer inquiries needing escalation were advanced to a senior agent.

One sentence summary

By implementing these strategies, Five Star Call Centers was able to manage 2,000 additional interactions per day. Responses were consistent and accurate, and agents had the support they needed to be successful during this three-week program.


By developing processes and having clear communication, Five Star Call Centers can support the urgent needs of clients without impacting the service to our other clients.


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