Hiring In-House Agent Team Leads To Successful Launch with Call Center Outsourcer

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When a company serving as a global leader in engagement technology made the decision to outsource their customer support, they were mindful of the effects on their current in-house customer service agents. Five Star Call Centers provided a concept that worked for all parties.


To outsource their customer service department with minimal impact on their current agent team.


Hire in-house agents as full-time employees of Five Star Call Centers and to continue supporting the client's business.


78% of agents transitioned to Five Star Call Centers to continue serving the client.

One sentence summary

When a global leader in engagement technology was searching for call center outsourcer to provide product support, they also had a unique situation top of mind. Their current in-house agent team. The business was seeking an outsourcer that could not only provide world-class customer service to their clients, but could potentially hire their agents as well. They found this partner in Five Star Call Centers. 

One sentence summary

After the client signed with Five Star Call Centers, the human resources team began the process of reviewing the agents’ current pay and benefits packages to determine areas of alignment between the two companies and to understand areas of differences. Those items included: 

  • Impact on benefits
  • Coverage between client and Five Star Call Centers’ insurance coverages (COBRA)
  • Retaining PTO bank
  • Pay review

After the review, new pay and benefits packages were shared with the client’s agents along with the ask to interview to become agents of Five Star Call Centers. Key to making this as smooth a process as possible for the agents was providing them one point-of-contact for all questions and giving them the time to ask questions and decide if they wanted to move to an outsourcing company or seek other opportunities. Recognizing how emotional this process and decision is to each agent, Five Star Call Centers offered one point-of-contact to answer questions and provide insight.

After this period of time, the interview process with the current agents began with 83% of the agents choosing to interview for agent positions with Five Star Call Centers. 

One sentence summary

At the end of the interview process, 78% of the client’s agent team were hired by Five Star Call Centers. One year later, 65% of the agents remain on the Five Star Call Centers team. 

An important part of this entire process was understanding the high-touch situation for the agents, and providing the right environment for them to be heard and be connected with Five Star Call Centers as a company. 


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