Five Star Call Centers Uses Data to Improve Customer Care Process for a Leading U.S. Healthcare Technology Provider

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In this call center case study, Five Star Call Centers discusses their work in guiding a large health care technology company in creating self-service options. The final results provide our client both time and cost savings. 


Reduce agent time per phone and email interaction


Launched call and topic monitoring to determine key self-help customer care options


24% flow transition to self-service customer care and 30% cost savings

Reduce Live Agent Call and Email Time with Customers

Five Star Call Center’s is a product support provider for a large U.S. healthcare technology company. During their tenure with Five Star Call Centers, the client has seen massive growth, from an average of 30 calls per day in 2012 and peaking up to 10,000 calls per day in 2021.

As the needs of the client’s customers changed, so did the process in which they received support. Five Star Call Centers was a challenged with developing a multichannel customer care system to support the modern needs of the client’s customers, including automation and self-service options.

Call and Topic Monitoring to Determine Key Self-Help Customer Care Options

Five Star Call Centers used a combination of tracking and topic monitoring to find the right solutions to meet the client’s needs. Customer dispositions and call flows were implemented to identify calls and track the customer journey. In addition, we also used our scripting software, JUXTM, in conjunction with an AI platform Google project, for call tracking and topic monitoring.

Information from this monitoring lead to the development of several service tools to support the client’s customers:

  • Online self-service: Monitoring showed that a significant number of inquires required very simple answers. An online self-service portal was developed in response. Customers can now visit the client’s website to find answers to their questions 24/7/365.
  • Email workflows: Topic monitoring identified the needs of the customer’s emailed inquiry, routing the message to the appropriate team or response to fit the customer’s need.
  • IVR: An IVR system was launched to provide easy, self-service avenues to answer easy needs, like password resets or finding a provider.

Significant Increase in Self-Service Usage Leads to Savings in Call Center Expenses

Today, 25% of customers are able to self-service versus talking with a live agent. The medical technology client has also seen a 30% savings in call center expenses. This was achieved through automation and creating self-service avenues for their customers. Call and email handle times have also been reduced by routing customers to the correct associates based on the customer’s need.  

Call and topic monitoring are continually used to help identify additional automated systems to reduce agent calls and improve customer care solutions


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