Leading U.S. Healthcare Technology Company Reduces Training Time By Using Data

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Updating a legacy agent training program for a leading U.S. medical technology company led to a cut in agent training time and increase satisfaction for customers.


Improve the Agent Training Process


Monitor Call Flows & Develop Plan to Meet the True Needs of the Customers


Tier Two Customer Satisfaction & Decrease in Call Center Costs

Improve the Agent Training Process

A leading U.S. medical technology company saw significant growth in their business as they added 1,000’s of hospitals and clinics onto their platform. This led to a surge in inquiries to the customer care team. The first year Five Star Call Centers partnered with this company their call volume was 30 calls per day. Now that volume is at 10,000 phone and email contacts per day.

Needing a way to reduce volume and save cost, Five Star Call Centers saw opportunity to change the agent (customer service representative) training program. The program, which was originally adopted from our partner medical technology company during on-boarding, consisted of a two-week training for all agents.

Monitor Call Flows and Develop a Plan for the True Needs of the Customers

Five Star Call Centers lives by the principle that what is tracked can be measured. Together, a multidisciplinary team from across the call center met to review and determine tracking mechanisms to record data to help determine possible changes to improve and streamline the training process. 

When the team tracked call flows, they noticed that 80 percent of call volume could be handled by a tier 1 agent. The remaining 20 percent could be handled by tier 2 agents with more in depth product training.

With this data, and details from the call flow tracking in-hand, Five Star Call Centers organized an action plan for two training programs that were designed to reduce training time and provide a better service experience to customers of our partner medical technology company.

The basis for the tier 1 and tier 2 agent training programs was to:

  1. Provide and train each agent on the tools to find the answer to the customers’ inquiries versus memorizing all information to support the client.
  2. To train agents on specific parts of the client’s business that would improve FCR and decrease costs from the extended training agents were currently receiving.


This shift in mindset allowed for a complete reformation of a training program and the online support materials. This redesign meant Five Star Call Centers is able to provide a better experience for partnering medical technology company, their customers, and our agents.

Tier Two Customer Support Increases Customer Satisfaction and Decreases Call Center Costs

A shift to a two-tier agent system means Five Star Call Centers can provide great customer care by simply having agents trained to meet the specific needs of the customer. Our tier 1 agents now train in 55% less time than tier 2 agents and cover 80 percent of customer needs. Our tier 2 agents train more extensively and are able to cover the more technical needs of 20 percent of customers calling and emailing for service.


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