Agent Training Development and Rapid Agent Ramp Clears New Partner Backlog in Half the Time Estimated

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When a healthcare technology company came to Five Star Call Centers, they were experiencing 20% growth month-over-month and a massive backlog of 20,000 records for data entry. Leveraging the experience of Five Star Call Centers’ team, the company’s backlog was cleared quickly and the experience improved for those with new records coming into the company. 


Reduce Customer Backlog of 20,000 Records


Develop a Standard On-Boarding Process to Support an Effective Agent Ramp


Four Months of Backlog is Cleared in 60 Days

“Your team has been unbelievable to work with and far more responsive than I ever would have imagined.”

-Seth, COO

Reduce Customer Backlog of 20,000 Records

A company matching registered nurses with healthcare facilities needing to fill nursing shifts saw 20% growth month over month for 18 months. This massive growth, along with the inability to internally hire staff as fast as needed, led to a backlog of 20,000 records for data entry and correspondences.

Needing a way to clear the backlog quickly and accurately, along with supporting new records submitted daily, the company reached out to Five Star Call Centers for a support solution that included phone and chat coverage, along with data entry.

Develop a Standard On-Boarding Process to Support an Effective Agent Ramp

The first step in supporting the partner’s needs included quickly gathering information to develop a standard training program for agents, along with information to develop a knowledge base and FAQ’s as support resources. Five Star Call Centers sent their director of project management to our partner’s headquarters, where they mapped the customer care journey and mined data for the development of a new knowledge base and FAQ’s, along with documenting tech gaps.

Information in hand, Five Star Call Centers interdisciplinary team developed a new training program, which is used by both our partner’s internal customer care team of agents as well as our own team of agents.

Five Star Call Centers also brought in our in-house recruitment team to support the effort to hire a team of 60 agents for this partner. The agents were hired over a 60-day period and were trained in waives on multiple programs for the partner. Once all 60 agents were onboarded, they were cross-trained and up-trained, so the Five Star Call Centers team handles tier 1 records and our partner’s internal team handles tier 2 records.

Four Months of Backlog is Cleared in 60 Days

At the initiation of the project, our partner estimated a four-month window for Five Star Call Centers to clear the 20,000-record backlog. With the quick ramping of 60 agents, along with a quality training program, the Five Star Call Centers team cleared the backlog in 60 days instead of the four-month estimated window.

The quick ramp to 60 agents was possible by hiring at two brick and mortar locations, along with a work-from-home program for agents across the U.S. This team includes a 50-50 split of voice agents and agents supporting chat and data entry.


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