Smart Technology Partner Sees Over 4,000% Improvement in Customer Response Time within Four Months

Category: Product Support

When a smart technology company needed to improve their customer experience and improve their ticket turnaround time for product support, they began looking for other contact center outsourcers to partner with for their support. After reviewing their training and process, Five Star Call Centers was able to improve KPI’s by revamping the agent training and offering more resources for the agents to use when troubleshooting customers’ needs. 


Decrease Customer Ticket Response Time


Develop Onsite and Remote Training Programs Designed to Develop the Best Agent Talent


A 4,626% Improvement in Customer Ticket Turnaround Time

“Our old call center couldn’t do the level of work in twelve months that you did in four months.”

-David, VP of Customer Support

Decrease Customer Ticket Response Time

A smart technology company began working with a new call center outsourcer just before the global pandemic of 2020. The call center assisted the company’s customers with technical support for various mechanical elements in their sustainable energy line.

During their relationship with this call center, the company saw a customer ticket turnaround time of nine days. With a sub-par level of service, the company began seeing damage to their reputation.

Wanting a call center outsourcer to provide a better experience to their customers, the company turned to Five Star Call Centers with the goal to clear a backlog of 7,000 customer tickets and improve service timelines on new tickets submitted via phone and tickets. The company leaned on Five Star Call Centers’ industry experience for agent training and ability to hire quality agents during a pandemic.

Develop Onsite and Remote Training Programs Designed to Develop the Best Agent Talent

Five Star Call Centers knew the best approach to support the partner’s needs was to improve agent training and enhance the resources agents access while servicing customers. A new, structured training program for onsite dedicated tier 1 and tier 2 agents was developed with the help of Five Star Call Centers’ dedicated training team.

After the success of the new training program, Five Star Call Centers recommended adding remote agents to the team, providing a greater pool of qualified agents with the technical skills to best support our partner’s needs. Once set into motion, the team adjusted the training program within four weeks for a fully remote experience for new agents across the U.S.

This adjustment included developing and filming product videos that both new and current agents reference when supporting customer needs. The materials were so well received, the partners in-house team of tier 3 agents also use the videos for reference in their support work with customers.

A 4,626% Improvement in Customer Ticket Turnaround Time

Within two months of work starting on the 7,000 backlogged tickets, the Five Star Call Centers team cleared 4,000 tickets, with 2,000 tickets remaining open for service with our partner’s in-house tier 3 agent team. Within four months of clearing the backlog, our agents are now servicing new tickets in an incredible 4.5 hours instead of the nine days of our partner’s previous call center outsourcer. They are also operating with an abandonment rate of less than 1%.

In addition, the team at Five Star Call Centers now handles all tier 2 tickets and phone calls. Our agents are able to care for issues previously escalated to our partner’s internal agent team. This change allows the partner’s internal agent team to address pressing issues in a timely manner.

Five Star Call Centers is also able to service the partner’s current needs with a smaller team than initially expected. With the experience and tools that Five Star Call Centers offers, we are effectively managing tickets and calls with a group of 12 less agents than anticipated, saving our partner money all while delivering a great experience for their customers.  


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