Case Studies

Five Star Call Centers is focused on delivering the best customer care for our clients. Whether it’s voice, email and chat, IVRsoftware or our consulting services, we are there for our clients 24/7/365. Check our call center case studies to learn about how Five Star Call Centers helps our clients find solutions to their call center outsourcing service needs.

An agent assists

A healthcare technology company came to Five Star Call Centers experiencing a 20% growth month-over-month and a massive backlog of 20,000 records for data entry. Within 60 days, the backlog was cleared. 

Industry: Professional Services


When a smart technology company needed to improve their ticket response time and customer experience, Five Star Call Centers partnered with them in efforts that improved response times by over 4,000%. 

Industry: Product Support

Woman reads from a bottle to determine if it has been recalled.

A client needed urgent support for a product recall. Five Star Call Centers handle an additional 2,000 contacts per day by developing the right resources and quickly hiring the additional team needed for the support.

Industry: Product Support

Male call center agent uses a headset to communicate with customers.

When a company serving as a global leader in engagement technology made the decision to outsource their customer support, they were mindful of the effects on their current in-house customer service agents. Five Star Call Centers provided a concept that worked for all parties. 

Industry: Retail

When a client turned to Five Star Call Centers to improve a legacy agent training program, monitoring call flows helped create a new program that decreased training time and improved support options for customers. 

Industry: Product Support

A leading U.S. healthcare technology company needed help in developing customer care systems to support a surge in growth. Five Star Call Centers was able to analyze data to develop a plan that decreased agent time and increase customer satisfaction. 

Industry: Product Support


A State Department needed to increase accessibility to their customers to include 24/7, 365 days a year support. This is how we’ve been a valued partner with them since 2005.

Industry: Professional Services


A ninety-five year old global manufacturer of office products was in desperate need to improve their customer experience. Examine how much Five Star Call Centers increased their average speed of answer, service level, and decrease abondonment rate. 

Industry: Product Support


After a century’s worth of success and market leadership, a southwestern-based automobile dealership found themselves in unfamiliar territories. Their explosive growth caused their customer service to slip. Five Star Call Centers surpassed the client’s expections at three key points.

Industry: Professional Services


As a life insurance company was looking to expand its employee benefit division, they were in search for a nationwide call center with a strong history of customer satisfaction, sales conversions, customer retention, and compliance. After a few years, Five Star Call Centers was honored with numerous awards from them. 

Industry: Professional Services


As the University was looking to increase student enrollments, they were working with their marketing team and advertising agency to strategically identify potential students. This approach needed to focus on using cutting edge and the right contact management strategy, focusing on beginning the enrollment dialogue with the prospective student, at the right time, and by providing the right message and incentives to spur application completion.

Industry: Professional Services

A California based delivery logistics provider was experiencing rapid growth among its customers and experiencing major growing pains in the area of customer service and satisfaction. Customer support and satisfaction was at an all-time low at a mere 56%. In 2011 the company’s annual customer and carrier satisfaction study found that overall satisfaction is now at 91% thanks to Five Star Call Centers.

Industry: Professional Services

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