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Your retail operations could be revolutionized by outsourcing your customer service to our knowledgeable call center. We provide a variety of advantages with our knowledge of retail call center outsourcing that are specially suited to your retail company’s requirements.

Our solution gives us a competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive retail sector through higher customer happiness, increased operational efficiency, cost savings, and expanded scalability. By working with us for your retail call center outsourcing requirements, you can enjoy seamless customer service while concentrating on expanding your business. Get in touch with us right now to find out more about our comprehensive solution and to maximize the effectiveness of your customer service plan.

We Are Your Retail Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Five Star Call Centers’ team of agents will serve as an extension of your brand. We’ll work with your business to identify the best skills needed to support your product and technical support needs, and then build a team that best fits those needs. And with onsite and nearshore locations, along with a strong U.S. work-from-home program, we have options available to meet your business needs.  

This support is backed by state-of-art omnichannel technology and data analysis software that not only improves call center decisions, it enhance your business decisions too. When customer experience matters, your call center matters. 

OUTthink. OUTwork. OUTdo. That’s Five Star Call Centers Outsourcing.

That’s the difference with Five Star Call Centers. Talk with our clients. Visit our call centers. Meet our agents. You’ll feel the difference between us and other call centers. The difference of true partnership. We don’t want to be just your vendor. At Five Star Call Centers, we will sit side-by-side with you – as part of your company – to ensure your customers get care just like you would deliver.

Retail Outsourcing Services

Order Placement, Status, & Tracking

Our experienced agents can assist with order enquiries, order placement, real-time status updates, and order tracking for your consumers. By working with us, you can enhance your customer experience, streamline order administration, and assure accurate and timely order fulfillment. 

Lost & Damaged Package Claims

We can support your team by answering claims-related questions, helping customers file claims, and facilitating the shipping companies’ dispute settlement process. By working with us, you may improve customer satisfaction, expedite the claims management process, and assure the timely and accurate resolution of lost and damaged package claims.

Return Labels & Refunds

Our agents can work with your customers on requests for return labels, assisting with the return procedure, and guaranteeing prompt client refunds. By working with us, you can improve customer experience, streamline return handling, and quickly address return-related concerns, freeing up your company to concentrate on providing outstanding in-store experiences.

Price Matching & Appeasements

Our agents can support your company’s match enquiries, determine eligibility, and provide consumers with support, resulting in a smooth and positive experience. With our support, you can speed up the price matching process, raise customer happiness, and quickly address issues with pricing. As a result, you’ll be able to build customer loyalty and keep your edge in the retail industry.

Loyalty Program Support

Our team is skilled in handling questions about loyalty programs, helping with enrollment, giving customized rewards information, and resolving customer problems. With this support, your business may improve the performance of your loyalty program, boost customer happiness, and cultivate enduring client loyalty through effective and efficient support, eventually promoting customer retention and business expansion.

Warranty Inquires & Extensions

Experienced in answering questions about warranties, determining eligibility, and helping clients extend warranties, our team can help your company speed up the warranty process, raise customer satisfaction, and make sure that warranty questions and extensions are answered accurately and quickly.

Sales Support

Our agents can support your business by answering questions about the products, taking orders, and completing deals. Your sales force can concentrate on developing relationships and closing deals while we take care of the sales support process. Our agents can enhance customer engagement, raise conversion rates, and drive revenue growth.

Pre- & Post-Customer Care

Our experience team is training on how to respond to pre-purchase questions, give product information, help place orders, and provide post-purchase support including refunds, exchanges, and troubleshooting. By working with us, you can guarantee a smooth and positive client experience from beginning to end, boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty and eventually fostering business expansion.

Enhance Your Customer Experience With Our Customer Care Experts

Dedicated Agents + Connection to 100's of Languages

Process Development & Improvement

Quality Assurance

Voice of the Customer

Workforce Management

Dedicated Account Relationship Manager

Dedicated Training Team

In-House IT Support

In-House Recruitment

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