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Supporting Your Patients with Care and Compassion

Five Star Call Centers is an experienced healthcare call center outsourcer committed to provide healthcare organizations top-notch patient support services. We assist healthcare organizations to improve patient care in the call center environment and maximize operational efficiency by leveraging our expertise to deliver excellent service for every patient. Whether patients need help making appointments, getting access to medical information, or getting urgent medical advice, our team of qualified agents makes sure they get timely, individualized support. By working with us for your healthcare call center outsourcing needs, healthcare professionals can concentrate on providing high-quality treatment while entrusting our dependable call center services with their patient support requirements. With the help of Five Star Call Centers, operations will be more efficient and patient satisfaction will increase. To discover more, contact us right away!


We Are Your Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Partner

Five Star Call Centers’ team of agents will serve as an extension of your brand. We will work with your organization to identify the best skills needed to support your needs, and then build a team of agents that best fits . And with onsite and nearshore locations, along with a strong U.S. work-from-home program, we have options available to meet your business needs.  

This support is backed by state-of-art omnichannel technology and data analysis software that not only improves call center decisions, it enhance your business decisions too. When customer experience matters, your call center matters. 

24/7/365 Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing Support

Appointment Setting & Consultations

To ensure that your patients can easily book, reschedule, or cancel appointments conveniently and without fuss, our agents specializes in managing high phone volumes and employing effective appointment management solutions.

Medical Records

Agents are trained to securely and quickly provide patients access to their medical records. They have received training in handling sensitive data and navigating challenging paperwork requirements. Working with our team will help patients gain access their records promptly, improving openness, and patient satisfaction.

Policy & Procedure Review

Our team is ready to help your organization when reviewing policies and procedures with patients to ensure they understand the materials. Our qualified agents can instruct patients, respond to their questions, and effectively express difficult material. Our processes can help improve patient education, compliance, and satisfaction.

Telemedicine & App Tech Support

We have you covered for online consultations as well! Your patients will find it convenient to connect with healthcare providers and obtain prompt medical advice or guidance thanks to our coordination of virtual appointments.

Patient Payment

Our team of agents is knowledgeable with managing payment inquiries, offering billing assistance, and providing patients with flexible payment choices. Our services provide patients timely and accurate information regarding their financial obligations, streamline the payment process, and optimize revenue cycle management.

Health Plan Support

With our expertise, we can assist in answering inquiries from health plan members, explaining coverage details, resolving issues, and facilitating enrollment or renewal processes.

Certification & Licensing Confirmation

Our team is experienced in the verification of certifications and licensing. Our agents will deliver accurate and prompt responses, which can help speed up procedures, save money, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Time Card Approval

When you need supporting handling time card submissions, checking their accuracy, and swiftly approving them, our team is here to support you. By working with us, you simplify the approval of time cards, assure compliance with labor laws, and lessen the administrative burden on your team, allowing them to concentrate on providing high-quality healthcare services.

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“I bring items to you guys before we make a plan because I know you will help us do this the best way possible.”

Healthcare Client | Head of Patient Support

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At Five Star Call Centers, we don’t provide cookie-cutter customer experiences  – for our clients or their customers. 

John Coulter VP, Five Star Call Centers