Elevate Your CX Technology

With our industry-leading customer experience technology, along with a system designed for continuous process improvement, our team can enhance your CX, delivering great customer experiences and the data you need to drive your business to the next level. 

Delivering CX Technology That Drives Your Business Forward

When the right tech stack matters for your customer care and tech support, look no further than our line-up at Five Star Call Centers. Whether your outsourcing includes using all our technology, or if you prefer to use your existing tech stack, our team offers the flexibility to use the contact center technology that works best for your business. 

Industry-Leading AI Integrations

From training to reporting to customer relations, our entire team is continuously on the lookout to be adapters of the latest AI technology that will serve our clients and their customers. Let’s us help your business elevate your CX technology to the next level.

CX Omnichannel Platform

Genesys CX Cloud Platform

Deliver the personalized and engaging experience your customers want through all the channels they prefer. With Genesys, our cloud-based customer experience platform, your customers will connect with experienced agents ready to support their needs.   

With Genesys, you get:

  • Full omnichannel capabilities so you can offer your customers chat, email, SMS, voice, and more.
  • Intelligent automations that streamline service for efficiency and cost-savings.
  • Drive business decisions with AI-powered insights like customer sentiment and topic spotting.
  • Full transcripts of calls with speech-to-text so you can use the data to improve customer experiences.
  • Integration with your CRM to help provide the most personalized experience to each of your customers.

Watch the video to learn more on how Genesys can enhance your CX.

Genesys Cloud Delivers on CX


average response rate


boost in agent productivity


ROI in <3 months

AI & Automation


Our all-in-one AI and automation solution delivers the customer behavior insights and preferences you need to drive your business ahead of the competition. With this powerful software, we can automate tasks and streamline processes for your customer care.

With our SuccessKPI AI and automation software, you get a 360 degree view of your CX along with the insights to measure and improve, like:

  • 100% QA to understand what is happening with each customer, every time.
  • Customer sentiment data to dive deeper into how your customers feel and help identify themes so you can better serve your customers.
  • Automated workflows that ensure timely action is taken based on customer interactions.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting on ques and agent status so your finger is on the pulse of how your customers are interacting with customer service at that moment.

Watch the video to learn more on how SuccessKPI delivers the data your business needs.

SuccessKPI Drives CX Enhancement


increase in automation


decrease in agent churn 


decrease in transfers


increase in NPS

Agent Training & Simulated Customer Interactions

Talent LMS & Verbal Transactions

Agent training is a key to providing exceptional customer care for our clients. Our “Star” agents train using an learning management system (LMS) and simulation software that guides agents through scenarios as close to real-word as possible to ensure they are ready to support our clients. AI offers our agents:

  • Simulated experiences that are client specific (voice/chat/email).
  • Coaching with detailed scorecards on accuracy, tone, sentiment, and timing.

Watch the video to learn how we can implement e-learning and simulations to drive agent success for our clients. 

The Right Training Makes a Difference


cloud LMS software for online learning


of employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous traning


of employees want to train with ready-made courses

Workforce Management

Verint Workforce Management

When the right workforce at the right time matters, Five Star Call Centers delivers. Our dedicated workforce management team will analyze your data, ensuring we staff your customer service team to meet the needs of your customers when it matters most. With Verint, we deliver: 

  • Accurate forecasting based on seasonal peaks, marketing promotions, product launches, or other factors that impact you and your customers. 
  • Scheduling to meet your needs, no matter the how your customer contacts you or the day of the week (or holiday).

Watch the video to learn how we can implement the right tools to provide the right workforce just when you need it. 

The Right Team at the Right Time


reduction in employee turnover


return on investment after three years


million in cost savings from improved contact center management

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Are you looking for an outsourcing partner that will leverage your current CX technology? That’s not a problem at Five Star Call Centers. We are experienced with several platforms. Below are just a few. 

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At Five Star Call Centers, we don’t provide cookie-cutter customer experiences  – for our clients or their customers. 

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