Dedicated & Shared Agent Models

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Five Star Call Centers offers both shared and dedicated inbound customer care. All with the same, amazing Midwest associates. Offering both models allows us to design the best service model for your business’s needs, maximizing your return while designing a team that meets the needs of your customers.  

Shared customer care services provide the most flexibility with lowest call volume commitment. With shared services, you pay by the minute. Shared teams work on your account, along with other accounts and brands. Associates in the shared environment take calls from all the clients they are trained to service.

Dedicated customer care services provide a pool of associates that are dedicated to your account. They act as employees of your company and are trained specifically for your account and can work within your systems. With dedicated services, you are charged by the hour for each associate you need to handle your contact volume and desired response times. 

Selecting the right model

Shared customer care is the best value because you only pay for the amount of time associates are engaged with your customers. We see clients select a shared service if they have at least 50 calls per day or have more variability in their call volumes. It requires more call volume to justify the cost of having a dedicated customer care program. Typically, you need at least 500 calls per day to benefit from a dedicated program.

Dedicated customer service is a great option when looking to create more personal connections with your customers. The volume of calls helps the agents become more familiar with your products or services. It also helps them better emulate your desired brand personality. You’ll often see higher conversion rates, order totals and efficiency from this type of support model. We are able to see similar results with shared service by actively managing call routing. Directing calls to agents that are more proficient on your account, helps maintain efficiency and maximizes your return.

With larger call volumes you can also design a hybrid model where both shared and dedicated teams are utilized. It optimizes dedicated teams by overflowing or routing non-essential calls to a shared pool. A hybrid customer care solution provides the benefits of both service models and maximizes your results.

We Are Not Your Ordinary Call Center.TM 


We love our clients and their customers! We believe in creating strong relationships, and it shows in our client relationships. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say about working with Five Star Call Centers. 

This is a great partnership with amazing results!
B2B Services client
After many failed relationships with other call centers, we believe we have found the right one that can grow with our business needs.
electronics client
They took hundreds of our calls, with literally no notice, and kept us in business until repairs were made.
Art Product client

Not Your Ordinary Call Center.TM