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Inbound call centers for financial companies provide customer service and tech solutions to meet the needs of consumers. Get details.

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Why the Financial Industry Values Inbound Call Centers

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

The financial industry is rapidly changing and many companies are struggling to keep up. 

Customers seeking financial services can choose from myriad banks, wealth management companies, insurance agencies, mortgage brokers, and more. Additionally, there are virtual agencies, brick-and-mortar, and combinations of the two. Retaining current clients and reaching new ones hinges on customer service, technological advances, and omnichannel capabilities

To stand out, you must embrace current financial business trends and deliver exceptional customer service. Call centers in the banking and wealth management sectors provide solutions to help all financial institutions streamline operations without interrupting business continuity

Read on to see why financial companies rely on call center services.

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What is a Financial Services Call Center?

Financial institutions are consumer-driven agencies that prioritize high-level customer services. Current business trends in economic sectors point to the need for more technology-focused operations and enhanced consumer service.

Two of the top three trends in the financial and banking sectors are multi-platform customer service and AI and IVR technology.

Call centers for financial institutions deliver expert customer care while supporting internal operations 24/7. Banking and financial institutions partner with call centers to navigate labor shortages, improve communications, streamline operations, and to take advantage of the latest technology

Call center outsourcing can help leverage the newest tech and provide excellent customer service, helping your financial company flourish.

To see how inbound call centers can help your company, let’s examine some top trends that affect modern banking and what customers expect from their financial institutions.

1. Financials on the Go

Mobile banking is on the rise and today’s customers are looking to take care of their finances from the palm of their hands. Secure apps allow financial institutions to reach a broad base of new clients by delivering mobile capabilities. 66% of unbanked global citizens own cell phones. This means the banking sector has the chance to capture first-time customers by leveraging mobile devices.

Mobile tech also reduces the need for a large workforce, helping businesses struggling with talent shortages. Customers can make deposits and payments, apply for loans, access their 401k and life insurance information, and more without going through a teller or making an in-person appointment. 

2. Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Voice Response Technology

The financial industry is no stranger to advanced tech. It has adopted automation services to assist with routine tasks, fraud protection, and risk calculations. It’s no surprise that financial companies will employ AI and IVR to streamline operations and improve customer service. Worldwide, AI spending is predicted to reach $204 billion, with financial institutions contributing an estimated 14%

3. Multi-Platform Customer Service

Technology and automation improve the overall customer experience, especially for younger generations. For example, 64% of Generation Z consumers feel AI provides faster service and has an overall positive impact. 37% prefer to open a banking account through a mobile app. 

Omnichannel financial services provide various platforms for customers, allowing them to manage their money and private information on their terms. Positive customer service is essential to attracting and retaining clients. Utilizing call centers offering email, phone, SMS, apps, and other forms of communication boost the client experience. 

Benefits of Inbound Call Centers for Financial Companies

Here are just some of the reasons why monetary-driven companies partner with call centers.

Call centers for financial companies provide many benefits, such as omnichannel capabilities.

Modern Convenience: Inbound call center services allow customers to get questions and concerns met quickly and professionally. Call center agents are available 24/7 to field a wealth of consumer needs—including deposits, payments, loan information, and more.

Omnichannel Capabilities: Call centers manage various communication platforms like social media, SMS, live chat, email, phone, and IVR.  Agents can direct priority communications or digital interactions so they can be quickly resolved.

Versatile Financial Management: Agents come highly trained in all manners of financial duties and can carry out responsibilities such as:

  • Debit and credit card inquiries
  • Loans
  • Check cashing
  • Payments and accounts receivables
  • 401K’s
  • Health plans 
  • Life insurance policies
  • Prepaid and rewards cards

The Promise of Security: Financial customers want assurance their information is safe from theft. Outsourced call centers handle sensitive material safely to prevent data breaches.

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Call center outsourcing companies provide core customer care services and more to the financial industry. Get details.


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