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More and more companies are choosing inbound call centers to better serve self-sufficient customers. Learn more.

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The Self-Sufficient Customer Prefers Omnichannel Call Centers

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

When companies think of a successful consumer care experience, self-sufficient customers might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, customers who take service into their own hands can leave the interaction highly satisfied. In fact, a recent study revealed that 81% of customers would prefer more self-service options. Additionally, 95% of companies in 2021 saw increased consumer requests for self-service.

95% of companies in 2021 saw increased consumer requests for self-service.

While businesses may understand that self-service plays a role in the service experience, the same study found that companies assume only 60% of their clientele prefer self-sufficiency. That 21% difference could cost businesses by not giving patrons what they want.

Call centers provide exceptional omnichannel customer service solutions that give customers what they desire—the ability to serve themselves. 

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Inbound Call Center Companies Provide Customer Self-Service Options 

What is customer self-service and how can it enhance your brand? Self-service gives customers the ability to handle their own issues without having to go through an agent. They can promptly solve problems, place orders, and more. 

Being able to resolve issues on their own elevates their experience because: 

  • 67% of modern consumers prefer self-service over speaking with an agent. 
  • 73% of today’s customers want to resolve issues on their own.  
  • 90% of customers would prefer to find answers on their own. 

73% of today's customers want to resolve issues on their own.

Inbound call centers give businesses access to omnichannel services, which include a wealth of self-service and digital interaction options, such as:

  • Interactive voice response
  • Chat and SMS management
  • AI-powered social media responses

In addition to handling self-service platforms, outsourced call centers have their own in-house IT support. This means if any tech issues arise businesses can resume as usual. Not only can customers solve their own issues, but businesses don’t have to spend time fixing tech-related hiccups or maintaining software.

What are the Benefits of an Omnichannel Contact Center?

  • Access to Advanced Tech: A study conducted in 2021 revealed that 52% of customer service technology users experienced failures due to limited tech. Inbound call centers have access to the latest consumer-focused technology, which means your customers can access self-service options across platforms.
  • Faster Solutions: A recent report found that 34% of consumers believed a significant benefit of self-service was faster resolutions. Omnichannel contact centers are available 24/7, meaning patrons can access self-service anytime, day or night. Plus, should they need more nuanced help, they can connect with a knowledgeable agent at any time.
  • Saves Companies Money: Self-service options mean investing less in payroll or employee pools. A dedicated call center overseeing all of the self-service channels means operations teams can focus their energy elsewhere. Furthermore, since call centers bring their technology to their partners, it means no investment in new tech.
  • Multiple Paths to Purchasing: People use virtual platforms to inform and make purchases. McKinsey & Company’s study showed that 75% of consumers use in-store and online options to research and buy from brands. Nearly 45% stated social media had an influence on their purchases. Call centers offer self-service social media support, which means companies can provide different paths to learn about and purchase from businesses. 

69% of customers, after having a positive service interaction, would recommend a company. So, enhancing consumer care via omnichannel solutions could definitely boost your client base.

Five Star Call Centers Provides Exceptional Customer Service Solutions

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If your company is looking to upgrade its self-service capabilities or boost revenue through exceptional care, reach out to us today or check out these case studies for more insight.

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