In her 13th year with Five Star Call Centers, Miranda Tiede discusses her career with the company and her advice to others wanting to grow their career in the contact center industry. Photo curtesy of Sioux Falls.Business.

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Q&A with Miranda Tiede: Contact Center Vice President of People & Culture

My name is Miranda Tiede, I’m the vice president of people and culture at Five Star Call Centers. I’ve been here for 13 years and held a number of roles that have equipped me for my current duties.  

Today I help support the “People” side of the business, ensuring that our team members get the support they need from their leaders and our partners. I also work to ensure that Five Star Call Center’s culture remains front and center of all our interactions so that we’re always representing ourselves and our partners well.


What drew you to working at a contact center within the customer service industry? What has your career path been?

I started working in a contact center in 2005, after returning home from a one year deployment to Iraq. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but knew I was looking for a professional position that I could make into a career. I was fortunate to find a customer service position at a local credit card company. During my time there, I was able to join a leadership development program and earned my first leadership position. From there I took an opportunity at Five Star Call Centers as a team manager and, since being here, have been able to assist with leading agents, managers, and supporting clients. Every day is a new adventure in a contact center and I’m here for it!

What has amazed you most about the changes in the contact center industry during your career?

I think the biggest changes that I’ve seen have been with technology and the tools being used to assist customers. Advances in technology have changed the scope of support needed on interactions. Very few people are reaching out for the easy stuff. When they call or write in, they’re needing next level support and problem solving so the talent level of team members has really changed as well.

What do you feel is the #1 factor it takes to be success in contact center career?

I think the number one factor to success in the contact center is flexibility. Being willing to learn, adjust, think outside the box, and work through changes ensures success or constant move towards it!

What advice would you give to other women with the goal to become leaders in the industry?

Constantly remind yourself that you are supposed to be “here” (here being a leader of people/processes or developing to be one).  You haven’t gotten where you are by chance, and you don’t have anyone fooled (you earned it and you’re capable). Believe in yourself and surround yourself with leaders that different strengths than you and learn for them and lean on them. Lastly, remember who supported you in your career development and work to be that person for a future leader!

Photo curtesy of Sioux Falls.Business.

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