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In her 16th year with Five Star Call Centers, Chauncy Richert discusses her career with the company and her advice to others wanting to grow their career in the contact center industry.

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Q&A with Chauncy Richert: Contact Center Vice President of Operations

Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I am Chauncy Richert. I am the vice president of operations at Five Star Call Centers. The workforce management team, telephony and helpdesk team report up to me. I also assist with facilities management at our Sioux Falls location.

Chauncy Richert

What drew you to working at a contact center within the customer service industry? What has your career path been?

I was drawn to Lawrence & Schiller TeleServices (now Five Star Call Centers) through an advertisement I saw regarding taking 1-800-Flowers orders! I was familiar with computers and had experience processing orders previously so it seemed like it would be a fit. The hours met my schedule needs for me to work in the evening and take care of my son during the daytime.

After around four months of Flower orders, I transferred to the expert team (now shared). I took calls for 25+ different clients in various systems. Then I became an SME on a new account and began my career climb to lead, supervisor, manager, director, and now VP.

What has amazed you most about the changes in the contact center industry during your career?

Technology. When I started, we punched a physical timecard on a timeclock. Our phones were double the size of our current phones, and we used to write orders on paper when the system would just close randomly. So many things have changed, but technology has the biggest impact on our daily lives.

What do you feel is the #1 factor it takes to be successful in contact center career?

Employee engagement. Happy employees work harder and they stay longer. They have higher quality and better lower attendance. Our happy employees keep this place running. Success in the contact center is meeting and exceeding the needs of your employees to keep them happy.

What advice would you give to other women with the goal to become leaders in the industry?

Leave your comfort zone. You will not grow if you stick to what you are comfortable with and know.

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