Why Omnichannel Call Centers Are Essential to Operations Teams

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

A recent study revealed 90% of customers want their needs addressed immediately. 

In order to keep pace with ever-evolving customer service expectations, businesses must integrate digital and analog interactions, without interrupting business continuity. C-suites looking to drive innovation and embrace customer service solutions often rely on their operations teams for answers.

However, managing multiple digital interactions in-house requires both a significant fiscal and workforce investment. That’s why operations teams turn to omnichannel services to integrate and innovate consumer care. 

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What are Omnichannel Customer Services? 

Omnichannel customer experiences involve unifying consumer-based communication platforms. This includes AI, IVR, email, phone, social media, chatbots, and live chat. What makes omnichannel customer service different from multi-channel support is a focus on homogeneity. Clients can initiate a conversation on any platform, then choose to finalize the interaction on the same or different platform without being forced to start over.

Omnichannel call centers have obvious benefits for the customer. For example, 33% of customers find it frustrating to repeat their issue to multiple agents. Having a unified customer service approach means improved consumer care. 

In addition to customer care, omnichannel solutions help solve current challenges that operations teams face.

3 Benefits of Omnichannel Contact Centers 

Companies with omnichannel solutions see more employee engagement and an 89% consumer retention rate. Since there’s a direct correlation between productive employees and customer satisfaction, operations teams can double down and address two main challenges—customer retention and employee engagement. 

1) Boosted Sales

Improving sales is essential for a thriving business. Operations teams are often tasked with developing new strategies for revenue growth. Expanding a client base is one solution to driving sales numbers up, and part of that solution is focusing on consumer satisfaction.

It’s no secret that a happy customer is a repeat customer. However, a customer that receives expert customer care can also become brand evangelists. Data shows that 94% of consumers who received “very good” care are likely to recommend a product or service. In the event of poor service, 47% of consumers will switch to a different brand. Plus, unhappy customers will share their negative experiences with 15 other people

Omnichannel solutions boost customer engagement by delivering service 24/7/365. This helps consumers resolve issues, make purchases, and check account information anywhere and anytime it is most convenient for them.  

Case Study: Five Star Call Centers increases sales and customer retention through contact management models. 

2) Streamlined Communications Across Departments

Enhancing employee productivity is a common challenge operations teams face.  Bringing departments together, especially within hybrid work environments, takes a lot of internal management and access to technology. Omnichannel call centers can harness new tech and integrate support teams—from sales to marketing, accounting, inventory management, and more. 

Utilizing advanced software, inbound call centers connect teams to a centralized framework. Information is accessed in real-time, which means departments can communicate and make decisions in real-time. This increases productivity and facilitates company-wide communications. 

Outsourced call centers also provide their own tech-savvy agents dedicated to product and technology support in addition to software. Therefore, companies can save money by not having to invest in customer care tech or IT departments. 

3) Improved Data Collection

Call center software also connects consumer data to a unified location, making KPI-based reports fast and accurate. Businesses can analyze consumer habits, allowing them to develop growth strategies or pivot based on client habits. 

The same software and omnichannel solutions securely store customer information. Partnering with an inbound call center means taking advantage of their in-house security measures. So, having consumer data secure, no matter the mode of communication, gives businesses a chance to attract and retain a client base. 

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