Nearshore Call Center Services Break Down Silos in Business

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Collaborative work environments are essential to drive company growth. According to an Employee Management Study by Harvard Business Review, collaborative work environments saw a 65% employee retention rate. One company in the study saw a 34% increase in annual revenue when they enhanced collaboration with their staff.

Is your company making the most of your collaborative efforts, or are silos interfering with productivity and profit? Learn more below.

What are Silos & How Do They Affect Business Productivity?

In the simplest of terms, silos can be thought of as different departments that work under a company umbrella. They tend to be based on organizational factors. For example, a hospitality company might have reservation, concierge service, marketing, and guest management divisions. Organizational silos can also be thought of in terms of experience, company longevity, geographical location, and schedules. 

While these internal classifications are familiar across industries, silos influence communications across departments, affecting company growth and productivity. Understanding how silos function within your company can help you better understand how to foster productive communications and strategic planning.

Why Open Information Exchange is Beneficial to Your Business

Communication and collaboration across all departments are necessary for a business to thrive. One of the side effects of a very tight-knit silo structure is communication breakdown. This is a combination of not having easy access to crucial information and being unable to talk to team members companywide. 

Hybrid workforces are a great example of how a department member might not be able to chat due to timezone differences or access information in real time. This lack of seamless communication can negatively affect productivity and customer service. 

In one study, 44% of respondents stated that silos and lack of collaboration were the top reasons for poor customer engagement, 32% stated their organizations were failing to deliver data-driven customer insight. With 140% of customers willing to spend more with a company after receiving excellent customer service, companies must focus on customer care to prosper.

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How Do Call Center Outsourcing Services Break Down Silos? 

When silos become too diversified, communication can be hampered. This pertains to both internal personnel and customers. 

If a business is deficient in department integration, consumers might not get their needs addressed in the manner they wish. With 86% of customers willing to leave a trusted company after only two poor experiences, customer care is paramount to a successful business. 

Call center services break silos, and here’s how:

Call Centers Provide Advanced Self-Service Options

An effective self-service platform can help drive innovation and increase growth. Call centers’ self-service options include IVR, social media, websites, mobile apps, SMS, and virtual agents. 

Since call centers utilize state-of-the-art technology and proprietary software, customers can communicate seamlessly on all channels. This same software saves vital customer data, leading to more personalized interactions based on their history. 

Self-service also frees up the time of internal teams so they can focus on important areas of business strategy, processes, and more.

Data Gathering with Call Center Software Boosts Collaboration
Call centers utilize advanced KPI collection tools. Pertinent data is extracted and analyzed, then easily accessible by any department 24/7. 

Having real-time knowledge at your fingertips enhances efficiency and boosts collaborative strategic planning. These customized reports also encourage information flow and assist in high-level decision making based on your company’s data.

Omnichannel Call Center Solutions Can Foster Innovation

Omnichannel capabilities meet customers where they live online. Consumers are able to reach out to a brand via the platform that works best for them. Not only does this elevate customer satisfaction, but companies can learn more about their client base and serve them accordingly.  

Customized & Affordable Call Center Services
Five Star Call Centers cares about our partners, which is why we offer tailored solutions for your unique business designed to improve customer service and drive revenue, just as we did with this 100-year-old car dealership

If you want access to the best technology, in-house IT capabilities, nearshore solutions, and agents who are experts in your industry, contact us today!

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