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Call center services are terrific solutions for extending the omnichannel experience into the metaverse.

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Customer Service in the Metaverse: What Execs Need to Know


By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Excellent customer service is paramount to increasing business profits. Companies with exceptional customer service can boost revenue by 4% to 8%. To stay relevant and give customers what they want in this ever-changing business world, brands are expanding into the next frontier: the metaverse.

Call centers can propel your business into the future by enhancing customer service needs in virtual and real-world platforms. If your company is looking for inbound call center outsourcing to help drive profits and improve consumer relations, we share all you need to know below. 

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Do Companies Need the Metaverse?

The metaverse concept might feel straight out of science fiction and unrelated to the business sector. However, augmented and virtual realities open up a wealth of opportunities for brands to capture new customers and enhance service. 

A metaverse is a virtual realm where users inhabit a computer-generated world, which allows them to interact with other users and different environments. Users plug into VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) headsets and explore new digital universes. 

Benefits of Inbound Call Center Services in a Metaverse World 

Driving innovation is at the top of every executive’s list. Working within a metaverse framework not only brings a brand into the modern digital landscape but also expands the idea of customer service. Business giants have furthered their brand presence by cultivating virtually based products. 

Nike’s metaverse store has seen almost 7 million viewers, and Gucci is selling virtual real estate and vintage wares via its digital presence. In terms of futuristic customer service, gaming engineers create in-play troubleshooting, allowing users to report problems, give feedback, and more without unplugging. 

Clearly—from brand awareness to seamless customer service—the metaverse offers a lot of potential for companies. The beauty of the virtual world is that you don’t need to be an iconic brand or gaming company to harness the power of metaverse marketing. 

Inbound call centers are well-versed in advanced tech and use cutting-edge software. Agents are carefully selected with a company’s needs in mind, ensuring a tailored experience.  Working with them can provide you with the technology edge you need without having to invest excess dollars in new software or talent. 

Is your company looking for inbound call center outsourcing? Read on to learn more about metaverse and call center benefits.

Digital Interactions and the Metaverse

Recent stats show that companies with omnichannel customer service strategies retain 89% of their clients. Businesses without these communication options keep only 33% of their customers. With those stats, it’s clear that a focus on digital interaction is crucial for business. While C-level execs are upping their multi-channel communications, some may not have considered the metaverse as one of those omnichannel resources. 

Omnichannel communications allow consumers to seamlessly interface with a brand via myriad interactions—chat, email, phone, IVR, and more. These digital interactions can easily occur in the metaverse in exciting new ways. For example:

  • Virtual banks
  • VR retail shops
  • AR financial appointments

Call centers utilize customer service-focused software. This allows agents and virtual assistants to store personal data securely across devices. So, no matter how your client chooses to communicate with your brand, all of their information is immediately available, making inquiry resolutions quick and accurate. Ensuring all data is readily available reduces the chances of a poor customer experience.

Virtual Customer Service and Inbound Call Centers

A virtual world offers unique operating strategies to all industries. Since there is no need for physical storefronts, companies can navigate talent shortages. Instead of having in-person interactions, VR worlds allow for virtual employees. 

By partnering with call center outsourcing companies, businesses can take advantage of call center agents and virtual assistants to handle metaverse communications. Plus, all agents are highly trained in customer service, so whether they are working in the real world or virtual, client needs are always addressed professionally. 

Inbound Call Center Solutions You Can Count On

Choose Five Star Call Centers and receive next-level care. Our agents are experts in their fields and prepared to manage an array of communications. From on-site IT to advanced software, we are also leaders in tech-based call center solutions.

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