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Budgets continue to grow for U.S. businesses. As leaders look for ways to trim budget, many are turning to outsourcing. One of the more popular options is nearshore call center outsourcing for their customer care.

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How to Cut Costs with Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

When costs grow to the point they impact the bottom line of a business, leaders often turn to outsourcing as a solution. If the cost to outsource within the U.S. is too high, a quality and lower-cost option can be found with nearshore call center outsourcing.

Working with a nearshore call center outsourcer can not only help you cut costs but also help create an excellent customer experience for your business.

What is Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing?

Nearshore call center outsourcers are facilities in countries that boarder the country where your business is located, making them near your shore. In the U.S., companies often turn to Mexico or Canada to fit their needs.

For years, the customer care industry was dominated by offshore outsourcing. While the process saved budget dollars there was often a dip in customer satisfaction. Nearshore outsourcing brings together the two worlds. Cost savings with a better experience for customers are benefits that make nearshore call center outsourcing a popular option.

Lets discuss your nearshore call center outsourcing needs. Contact us to discuss our Mexico and Guatemala locations here

Benefits of Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing for Your Business

With nearshore outsourcing, you get many of the benefits of onshore outsourcing, with less of the negative feedback heard from offshore outsourcing.

Language: Nearshore agents typically know your country’s language as their first or second language. This means your customers will experience fewer language barriers when they communicate with agents.

Technology: Quality nearshore call center outsourcing offers clients leading-edge technology with minimal downtime, call metrics to help you make the right business decisions, and AI and other software designed to increase efficiency and support up-selling. Omnichannel services are also available.

Staffing: It is typically easier to staff and retain agents with nearshore call center outsourcers. With call centers in Mexico and Canada being in similar time zones as the U.S., this helps fill staffing gaps that can be found with onshore call centers.

Cost: Companies can save up to 50% with nearshore call center outsourcers. Costs to support a call center include hiring, wages and benefits, technology, infrastructure, and support staff. Outsourcing these items can save your business not only money, but time as well.

Nearshore Outsourcing with U.S.-based Management

Nearshore call center outsourcing does not mean you have to hand your call center management to another country. While you can directly work with the nearshore call center, businesses also have the option to contract with an onshore call center outsourcer that will manage your customer care and work directly with supervisors and agents at the nearshore call center.

This option provides the best of onshore and nearshore outsourcing to businesses. Customer care is designed and led by a team that fully understands the U.S. culture, with service provided by agents that speak U.S. English well and can communicate with your customers in a way that makes them feel supported.

Our  Locations Can Cover Your Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing Needs

Give your customer the experience that will build brand loyalty while keeping your call center budget in line with your business needs. Five Star Call Center’s award-winning team offers omnichannel solutions with our Mexico and Guatemala nearshore locations.

Contact us today to learn how we can build a customer care experience that meets your budgetary needs.

Check out our guide on how call center outsourcing saves money or download it here.

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