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How to Choose the Best Customer Service Call Center

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Customer satisfaction is key to building a profitable brand. In fact, 93% of customers who receive excellent service are more likely to make future purchases. So, it’s no wonder companies seek out call centers to enhance the consumer experience. 

If you want to partner with a call center to handle your customer service expertly, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all call center outsourcing companies are created equal. Before deciding what’s best for your business, check out these tips on how to choose the best company for your needs. 

A Guide for Companies Looking for Call Center Services

93% of customers will make future purchases due to excellent service.

The first step in your call center scouting journey is determining what you want to achieve. Consider your operations team and examine your most crucial customer service issues. Are you looking to help support a hybrid work environment? Tackle labor shortages? Improve customer satisfaction to promote brand awareness? All of the above and more? 

Examine overall business goals and gear your call center search toward companies that will help you meet and exceed those objectives. 

Other questions to consider are:

  • What is the business plan for the next 5 to10 years? What role might enhanced customer service play?
  • What are your company values and how might a call center support your brand ethics?
  • Do you need assistance managing digital interactions, or is your primary mode of communication via voice?

Once you have some basic answers to those questions, the following step is choosing the type of call center that’s right for your company.

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What Call Center Outsourcing Solutions Do You Need?

Are you new to call center outsourcing? Inbound call centers offer a range of services and benefits, designed for your unique needs.

What is an Inbound Call Center?

Inbound call centers are responsible for incoming customer communications. Agents customarily handle client issues, questions, and general sales and business inquiries. Outsourcing with these centers is ideal for enhancing timely and professional customer service responses. They can help with labor shortages and hybrid work environments, as they offer an expanded labor force.

Omnichannel-focused contact centers handle communications across platforms, which gives customers access to their preferred mode of contact. These types of centers can further boost the customer experience because they offer customer service 24/7/365. 

98% of consumers switch between devices every day.

Types of communications they manage are:

  • Voice
  • Email, Chat, and SMS
  • Social Media
  • Self-Service

Expert call centers also offer new tech to enrich consumers’ experiences, without interrupting business continuity. Interactive voice response (IVR), can be utilized during high-volume call times and offers clients menu options to reduce waiting time. Other inbound call center solutions include dedicated IT teams and state-of-the-art software to maintain smooth transactions and interactions. 

When choosing a contact center, always look for solutions for your unique business situation. Consider your goals, existing workforce, and marketing strategies. 

4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose a Partner

The final stage is vetting potential partners. There are a wealth of companies out there, so you want to ensure you pick the one best suited to you. 

 With that in mind, here are crucial questions to ask when chatting with a potential partner:

  1. What security measures are in place? 90% of consumers trust companies that can protect their personal data. That trust can translate to increased brand loyalty, so choose a center that delivers peace of mind as well as excellent customer service.
  2. Are there customization options for your industry? Friendly agents are one aspect of good call centers. A knowledgeable agent, well-versed in your specific industry, is a gold mine. Nearly 53% of consumers believe that knowledgeable agents enhance their experience. Search for companies that have diverse service backgrounds across industries. They are more likely to have a wide range of skilled agents that assist in problem-solving and can address complex inquiries. 
  3. Are omnichannel solutions available? Customers respond well to multi-channel communication options. 98% of U.S. consumers switch between devices throughout a single day. Omnichannel call centers can help reach and respond to customers across platforms, leading to higher consumer satisfaction.
  4. How can they help boost business efficiencies? When contracting a call center, three primary efficiencies should be gained: technology access, employee scale, and data measurement. Inquire about your potential call center’s application of the three efficiencies. Do they provide IT and troubleshooting support? What data analysis capabilities do they offer?

Ready to Outsource Your Customer Care?

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