6 FAQs About Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Savvy business leaders always look for ways to innovate customer service while reducing costs in strategic ways. That’s why many choose to outsource customer service support to contact centers. However, some companies might not be as familiar with the benefits nearshore call centers provide. 

Read on for the details about nearshore call center outsourcing and how it can help your organization achieve its service and fiduciary goals.

Why Do Companies Outsource Call Centers?

Statistics reveal companies can save up to 50% on costs when partnering with a nearshore call center. Call centers provide a trained labor pool, access to advanced technology, product and tech support, and market research, allowing businesses to save on operational costs.

Companies can save up to 50% on costs when partnering with a call center.

Is your company looking to enhance its business practices and boost its bottom line? Get answers to six frequently asked questions explaining all you need to know about services and benefits.

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1. What is Nearshore Call Center Outsourcing?

A nearshore outsourced call center is located in a different country from the business for which it provides services. However, nearshore centers are located near their primary client base. These differ from offshore centers, which are typically located farther away. 

For example, a nearshore center might be based in Mexico or Guatemala and offer services to the United States. An offshore company could be found in Southeast Asia and provide call center support to the U.S. 

2. How Can Nearshore Call Centers Reduce Costs?

Businesses partner with call centers to save on operational costs and strengthen employee engagement. Omnichannel centers use AI and live agents to tackle day-to-day tasks, freeing internal staff to focus on high-level functions like capturing leads, product development, and strategic planning. 

In essence, nearshore contact centers allow for enhanced customer service and company development, without added labor expenses.

3. Are Language Barriers an Issue?

Nearshore contact center agents are multilingual and can fluently speak English and other languages. One of the benefits of nearshore agents is proximity to their client’s home base, so they are well-versed in the language and culture. This means they’re tuned to American references and dialects, and can deliver expert customer care. 

With 62% of customers jumping ship on brands that deliver poor customer care, providing exceptional service is vital to retaining your customer base. 

4. What Technology Options are Available? 

Operations managers know that having access to advanced technology improves the consumer experience and supports hybrid teams. 

Call center KPI data tools provide companies with consumer information in real time.

Nearshore call centers can provide advanced software solutions and tech support. Partnering with a call center that also includes proprietary software means you will not only reap the benefits of exclusive tech, but you will have the benefits of their in-house IT support. 

Nearshore technology also offers omnichannel digital interaction solutions to meet customers where they live online, 24/7/365. This means your customers can get their issues resolved and needs met anytime, day or night.

5. Are There Scalability Options to Meet Customer Demand?

No matter the industry, companies will often need to scale their customer service needs up or down depending on demand. If your company experiences seasonal sales patterns or is considering expanding, you’ll want a strong customer service team you can expand or scale back as needed. 

Nearshore call center outsourcing allows companies to keep their current team, but helps supplement their workforce as needed.

6. How Do Call Centers Measure Success?

Nearshore call centers rely on state-of-the-art technology data collection tools, which are crucial to providing a seamless customer experience and collecting key market data. These advanced tools provide companies visibility across all channels.

  • KPI data tools give operations teams consumer information in real time, allowing businesses to pivot strategies and develop nuanced goals. 
  • Speech-to-text capabilities analyze customer experience conversations across multiple channels to detect themes and habits.
  • KPI analytic platforms evaluate 100% of agent interactions, boosting quality management.

These capabilities streamline both internal and external communications and improve customer engagement.

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