Customer Care: The Business World’s New Battleground

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Businesses realize that building a loyal base of customers can help weather any financial storm. In fact, nearly 46% of companies believe investing in the customer experience is their number one priority in the coming years. 

To thrive during economic downturns, you want to outshine the competition with exceptional attention to your consumers. To provide a top-notch customer experience, it’s time to embrace customer care and propel your company into the future. 

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What is Customer Care and How Does it Drive Business?

Customer satisfaction is paramount to a robust business. 86% of consumers are willing to spend more for exceptional service, so a happy customer means better returns.  

Today’s consumer craves next-level attention that goes beyond typical customer service expectations. When we think of customer service, we might imagine practical features, such as assisting clients in product selection or help navigating issues. On the other hand, customer care is heavily focused on optimizing interactions and providing excellent personalized service. 

Why is the focus on interactions important? It enhances personalized experiences, which in turn boosts revenue. Since 90% of consumers are likely to spend more dollars with brands that deliver personalization, that’s a big win for businesses. 

How Does Customer Care Work?

A well-integrated customer care program focuses on each aspect of the consumer’s experience—from pre- to post-purchase. With customers interfacing with brands across multiple devices and platforms, implementing a successful customer care strategy involves many moving parts. 

Operations teams are already navigating hybrid work environments and talent shortages, so developing another customer service-related framework might seem daunting. However, contact center outsourcing services can take the customer care reins, saving companies money while providing exceptional support. 

Why Do Companies Outsource to Call Centers for Customer Care?

As the modern consumer’s needs expand, omnichannel contact centers meet customers where they live online. Businesses turn to call centers to help manage myriad aspects of customer care strategies.

High Levels of Personalization

Contact centers utilize innovative software that tracks KPIs, offers centralized communications across platforms, and stores customer data. Having access to this information means each customer interaction can be tailored directly to them, no matter on which platform they choose to communicate. 

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Customer service models tend to be geared toward more short-term goals. For example, increasing ticket response times. However, customer care strategies aim to build lasting relationships that translate into a loyal client base over the long term. 

To increase loyalty, businesses need to provide a seamless experience. Contact centers offer tech support to ensure smooth, hiccup-free interactions. The importance of this shouldn’t be overlooked. 94% of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases after encountering an efficient service experience. 

Proactive Communications

Responding to customer communications is crucial to maintaining satisfaction. Anticipating customer needs and reaching out to them is essential to capturing their attention and standing out among competitors. That’s what separates customer service from customer care—proactivity. 

Call centers can develop nuanced, proactive communications based on your industry. For example, healthcare providers can benefit from contact centers’ automated appointment reminders. Retailers can send follow-up questions post-purchase. No matter the industry, call centers have communication solutions for you. 

Myriad Service Options

Part of a healthy customer care campaign is to understand how consumers want to interact with your brand. For some, talking with an agent might be their go-to. However, many modern clients also want the ability to resolve their own issues via digital interactions. Customers can resolve issues quickly through IVR and escalate their inquiries to an agent when needed without dropping critical data.

Speed and Accuracy

Today’s consumers anticipate immediate responses to their inquiries. According to a recent report by ICUC Social, 30% of consumers expect companies to respond faster now than they did before 2020. The study also indicates that 85% of customers consider responsiveness a critical component of brand loyalty. 

Call centers offer 24/7 support across all platforms, so your customers get fast, accurate attention.

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Choose the Best Contact Center Solutions Provider

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