Is Your Company’s Tech Working for Your Organizational Culture?

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Digital transformation is a process in which companies adopt technologies to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and strengthen company culture. 

One of the critical elements to developing a transformation strategy is understanding the consumer experience and identifying instances where digital solutions provide improvement. However, examining how tech can assist and improve organizational culture is equally crucial. 

Is your company’s tech working for your business? Do you have questions about how omnichannel call center transformations can better your brand and drive innovation? We answer those questions and more below.

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What is Organizational Culture?

Every business has an aggregate of values, communication methods, beliefs, and brand expectations. All of these elements create organizational culture. Essentially, organizational culture can be considered a business’s ethos, which serves as its foundational philosophy. However, companies rely on their workforce to drive a brand forward. So, in that respect, organizational culture also reflects employee experiences across the board—from executives to personnel in all positions. 

When it’s well integrated, organizational culture is a conglomerate of workers striving toward a common business goal. Company culture has a profound influence on a brand’s future direction because it guides decision making and employee/customer interactions. Maintaining a holistic and integrated team is paramount to healthy company culture. That’s why businesses are adopting omnichannel technology. It strengthens teams and drives innovation—from customer service support to data collection. 

The Importance of Omnichannel Transformation

In order to drive innovation, companies need to understand consumer needs as well as their organizational culture. 

Outsourcing omnichannel solutions provide customers access to digital interaction options. Omnichannel call centers also help streamline operations, provide advanced tech, and promote team communication. 

What’s Driving the Need for Omnichannel Customer Service?

Due to the pandemic, 77% of CEOs reported they fast-forwarded their digital transformation strategies. 

According to a new study, the pandemic accelerated digital communications strategies by six years. Now that 2022 is in the rearview, consumers are still driving tech demands, which means businesses must keep adopting technology practices that benefit both their customers and operations teams. 

How Call Center Solutions Benefit Organizational Culture

Omnichannel call centers strengthen operations teams and help drive innovation. 

  • Integrated communication channels help executives maintain consistency in brand messaging across platforms. Consistency in branding and communication further strengthens a company’s values and expectations—for both the consumer and team members. 
  • Connecting systems enhance communication within teams and allows for faster report generation. Harnessing crucial KPI numbers quickly and easily allows personnel to reach business goals more efficiently, thus enhancing the overall organizational culture. 
  • Inbound call centers provide the latest tech, with in-house IT and product support. This means businesses don’t need to invest in technology or develop their own product support team. That frees up finances to put back into company growth.

For omnichannel solutions to provide maximum benefits, system integration is vital. Working with a reputable call center can help connect all your systems, creating a comprehensive brand identity and company culture without interrupting business continuity

Help keep your company on the fast track with these omnichannel-based technologies that can optimize your organizational culture. 

Innovative Software

Call center technologies provide top-of-the-line software. JUX™, developed by Five Star Call Centers, connects call center agents and internal teams. It also organizes business operations systems into a centralized location, for example:

  • Order management systems
  • Inventory
  • Internal databases
  • Customer records
  • Shipping
  • E-commerce

Integrating your company’s systems provides real-time data and reporting capabilities, allowing faster and more accurate decision-making. It also improves communication within internal teams, boosting productivity.

Learn how data collection and increased call center technology improved customer care and business processes in our case study.


Artificial intelligence and interactive voice response are game-changers in customer service. These automated services are available to consumers 24/7, allowing them to resolve issues without contacting agents directly. 

AI omnichannel solutions also help take some of the pressure off a company’s current employees. According to a recent report, 72% of businesses feel that AI will make their jobs easier. Since AI and IVR handle customer service tasks, operations teams are free to focus on higher-level tasks. 

Cutting-edge contact centers that utilize advanced data tools can provide their clients with visibility across all channels. For example, these tools allow call centers to analyze 100% of agent interactions, as the task is no longer manually performed.

For example:

Speech and Text Analytics: Simply put, this service decodes what’s actually happening in conversational CX across a wide variety of channels. These realtime transcriptions are available in a variety of languages and can detect themes, topics, and sentiments from media streams as well as from call recordings and transcripts. 

Quality Management: Operations teams no longer need worry about manually monitoring agents. These advanced tools streamline quality management systems, automate QM tasks, set evaluation standards, and much more. In fact, the algorithms of the data systems give operations team managers a huge jump start on evaluations. 

Partner With Five Star Call Centers

For over 40 years, Five Star Call Centers has been serving myriad industries, helping them enhance their customer service and promote business growth. 

We offer services tailored to each one of our partners. If you are looking to increase your company’s technology, streamline communications, and boost consumer engagement, let us develop a customized plan for you. 

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