Top Trends for Contact Center Agent Experience in 2023

A call center agent supports clients for a contact center outsourcer.

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers Customer experience has reigned king in the world of customer service for decades. As a shift to a higher need for well-trained and experienced call center agents rises, the industry has experienced a shift from the sole focus on the customer experience to key focus […]

2022 State of Customer Service – The People

In 2022, the customer service industry is set to see a rise in expectations from consumers ready to put the global pandemic, and its effects, far behind them. Paired together with the struggle to find enough employees to meet job vacancies and growth, the industry should be preparing for a rocky year. For companies willing to adapt, and quickly, this could be a pivotal year. In our series on the 2022 state of customer service, we focus on four key elements driving customer care: The industry, our people, work-from-home, and technology. Today, we focus on our people.

Top 10 Retention Strategies for Call Center Agents

When the right retention strategies are used, agents are happy to come to work at call centers.

It’s no secret in the call center industry that a top priority is retaining call center agents. Turnover is notoriously high at 30 to 40%. And, when turnover is this high, every agent, every employee matters. Our approach to retention and employee satisfaction matters.