Contact Centers Turn Data Into Actionable Information

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Data drives business innovation and success. In today’s market, companies need to leverage crucial data to promote the customer experience and thrive no matter the economic landscape. In fact, statistics suggest that businesses that prioritize data-driven practices are 23 times more likely to attract new clients. 

What Does a Nearshore Call Center Do?

At their core, contact centers are in the business of customer care. They onboard agents skilled in a variety of industries to enhance consumer interactions. Plus, with added omnichannel capabilities, clients have their service needs met where they live online. Call centers handle client communication via websites, social media, and live chat with cutting-edge software.

In addition to customer care, contact center outsourcing companies harness important data to boost customer support, brand loyalty, strategic planning, and more.

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Consumer Data: The Foundation of Business Growth

Mining data gives companies a real-time glimpse into consumer habits. Learning more about your client base means being able to deliver the personalization that modern customers have come to expect. Data collection allows brands to gain knowledge about consumer needs and direct business strategies to capture leads.

While data is key to strengthening a company’s business model, building an internal system can drive up costs. Furthermore, due to diminished labor pools, finding the right talent to analyze crucial insights can be difficult. 

More and more companies are partnering with nearshore call centers to gain deeper insights into customers and achieve seamless and successful service and first-contact resolution. 

Data Gathering Possibilities with Contact Center Software

Partnering with a call center means companies have access to advanced software and IT support without the added infrastructure costs. 

JUX™ by Five Star Call Centers provides customized reporting and analytics that are accessible anywhere. Operations teams, call center agents, C-levels, and more benefit from an integrated platform, with data at their fingertips. Call center teams also provide tech support to resolve any hiccups right away, so companies can get back to business quickly.

Nearshore Call Centers Utilize Innovative KPI Platforms

Key performance indicators are essential to evaluate overall company performance. KPIs provide data on revenue growth, customer satisfaction and retention, and profit margins. To maximize this crucial information, businesses want access to state-of-the-art tracking platforms. 

Advanced platforms used by call centers offer companies myriad benefits:

  • Speech-to-Text Analytics: Tracking and analyzing real-time conversations across channels gives pivotal insights into customer habits. New AI tech transcribes interactions in various languages, then decodes themes, topics, and general attitudes.
  • Quality Management: Evaluating consumer interactions is indispensable to maintaining a robust client base and solidifying retention. Call centers utilize the latest tools to analyze 100% of agent-to-customer interactions. 

Partnering with call centers takes the pressure off operational teams by setting evaluation standards, automating quality management tasks, and streamlining client communications to provide the personalization consumers expect.

Nearshore Call Centers Take Personalization to the Next Level 

It’s no secret that delivering better customer care translates into better business results. Today’s consumers demand fast communications and personalized attention across all platforms.

Through state-of-the-art technology, call centers can track critical consumer data no matter the form of communication—from up-to-date personal information to transaction history. By having an individual’s details immediately accessible, interactions can happen quickly and accurately. With 66% of consumers expecting businesses to know their unique needs, having client information on hand can go a long way to boosting customer satisfaction.

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