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Inbound call centers for the hospitality industry do more than just answer phone calls. Learn how contact centers can improve your bottom line.

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Inbound Call Centers Strengthen the Hospitality Industry

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

From travel and tourism to lodging, recreation, and more, the coming years promise robust earnings for the hospitality industry. Some early studies suggest that the lodging market should be in full swing as early as 2023

In a sector that already never sleeps, operations teams are looking for solutions to help them meet current and future customer demand without increasing labor and operational costs. Here’s where inbound call centers for hospitality companies come in. 

Contact centers strengthen the hospitality industry through their 24/7 availability, omnichannel capabilities, and exceptional customer service agents. 

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Travel and Hospitality Call Center Services Enhance Customer Experiences

Today’s consumers expect prompt attention and proactive customer service. According to Hospitality Net, almost 96% of customers state that customer service is a leading factor in their brand allegiance. In fact, over half of consumers will switch brands if they feel as if their needs aren’t anticipated. 

96% of customers state that customer service is a leading factor in their brand allegiance.

Anticipating customer needs is key to boosting client retention and increasing sales. What do today’s hospitality customers want and how can call centers help?

Increased Digital Interactions

Younger generations—Generation Z and millennials—consider digital interactions and automation the most convenient customer service. 60% prefer virtual assistants and other automated services when conducting simple tasks. In fact, 62% of millennials said they would rather work with chatbots than have human interactions.

66% of millennials arrange trips via mobile devices.

Social media, mobile apps, and text messaging are increasingly popular for customer service communications and more,

  • 25% of Generation Z and millennials use SMS to interact with companies. 
  • 36% have increased their social media app usage since 2020. 
  • 66% of millennials arrange trips via mobile devices.

Hospitality-focused call centers offer tech-based communication solutions like IVR, SMS, social media, chat, self-service, and more. When working with an outsourced call center, you can give your clients what they want—digital interaction options—without worrying about managing the systems internally. 

Flexibility in Customer Service Channels

While automation is essential in the hospitality industry, contacting a knowledgeable customer service agent is equally important. 68% of consumers believe service agents are crucial to great customer experiences. Giving customers a range of communication options allows them to engage with a brand in the manner they are most comfortable. 

Like a variety of other industries, the hospitality sector is dealing with labor shortages. As a result, many do not have the workforce needed to provide immediate customer service. Onshore or nearshore call center agents can step in and take the pressure off, freeing employees to focus on high-level tasks like brand development and business planning. Since agents are trained extensively in all aspects of the hospitality industry—from travel to tourism—they can field inquiries professionally and promptly. 

Loyalty Program Support

Forbes reported that 95% of consumers prefer to access and manage their loyalty accounts through digital interactions like IVR. 75% of customers felt they would use loyalty programs more if they could use their smartphone. 

Call centers provide omnichannel management of loyalty programs, so your company can reap the benefits of enhanced customer engagement through loyalty rewards and redemptions.

With massive growth on the horizon, hospitality industry professionals are thinking ahead on how to best meet the needs of their businesses. Contact centers are providing the solutions they need to exceed customer expectations, build their brands, and increase their bottom lines.

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