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Call center outsourcing is solving challenges operations teams face in the ever-evolving work landscape. Find out how.

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Call Centers Solve Challenges Faced by Operations Teams

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Operations team members have a lot of responsibilities on their plates. In recent years, those duties have expanded. Operations management employees are having to navigate a work landscape that is constantly in flux.

From managing employee engagement to battling potential labor shortages, they must wear many hats to keep productivity up and stress low. Many seek out call centers to assist in the challenges operations members experience. Want to know about how call center solutions help ease some burdens? Read on for more. 

Reasons That Your Business Needs a Call Center

Modern operations teams face new challenges in our current, ever-changing workplace. They often juggle multiple responsibilities that human resources or development departments typically handle. On top of those responsibilities, operation managers are navigating a hybrid workforce and confronting  “The Great Resignation.”  

Employee burnout is driving The Great Resignation.

Almost 4.3 million people quit their jobs in January of 2022. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an astounding 47 million Americans voluntarily left their positions in 2021. This mass exodus is also causing a spike in labor costs as businesses try to increase wages to retain personnel. In fact, stats reveal some people who left their jobs in late 2021 saw wages increase by 30% or more in new positions.

As operations managers know, boosting employee engagement and circumnavigating a diminished workforce is paramount. Healthy levels of employee engagement can:

  • Battle turnover by 43%
  • Increase productivity between 17-23%
  • Reduce absenteeism by 41%

Working with a professional call center can help with these challenges without disrupting business continuity

Call Center Solutions for Your Business

Call centers provide omnichannel solutions that help companies manage the modern work landscape and mitigate employee turnover. Data collected by Utah-based Qualtrics found that 44% of surveyed employees plan to leave their jobs in the next year. They cited wanting more growth opportunities and less stress as some of their reasons why. 

Here’s how a call center can help:

Boosts Employee Engagement: A recent Gallup poll revealed that remote and hybrid employees have 37% higher work engagement than those who work solely in-office. Call centers assist managers in setting up an effective hybrid work environment by handling customer service duties and simplifying communications. This means fewer staff members are required to be on site for day-to-day tasks, like fielding common customer inquiries.

Boosting employee engagement reduces turnover by up to 43%.

Helps Solve Labor Issues: If your business is struggling with a depleted customer service labor pool, call centers deliver an expanded workforce without the added cost of training. Current data estimates the cost of a single new hire is just under $4,500.00. A professional center chooses highly skilled agents with expertise in your field, so you can rest assured your clients receive excellent attention.

In addition to conducting aspects of customer service, they are also well-versed in problem-solving. Plus, working with a call center that offers digital interactions, like interactive voice response (IVR), chat, email, and other omnichannel solutions, helps mitigate labor costs without interrupting the customer experience. 

Creates Efficiency and Reduces Stress: Stress and burnout among workers are felt across positions. Based on recent statistics, 37% of employees and 53% of managers declare burnout as the driving factor for searching for new jobs. Utilizing call centers to manage daily tasks like email chats, answering phones, and providing solutions free up employees so they can focus on their priorities. 

Choose the Best Call Center Outsourcing Services Partner

Alleviate operations team struggles by partnering with Five Star Call Centers. We’re known for our award-winning services and world-class customer contact solutions. We provide expert agents 24/7/365 to help you take charge of all your customer service needs. Looking for assistance with email, voice, chat, or more? We have you covered! 

Contact us to learn about our exceptional customer service and product support. With nearly 40 years in the business, we take customer communications to the next level. 

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