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Call center solutions are becoming more and more important for retail companies. Find out why and learn the benefits.

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Call Centers Provide the Ultimate Retail Customer Experience

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

The retail landscape has changed. Once primarily brick-and-mortar establishments, retail shopping has expanded in the virtual realm, requiring communications across platforms. With multi-channel shopping continuing to drive more sales, retailers are pivoting customer service practices to meet demands. 

1 in 3 retailers is worried they will not be able to attract or retain staff. So, they are turning to alternatives to navigate consumer desires without added in-house labor. Based on a recent survey, 95% of retailers plan to expand on digital interactions. Call center solutions have proven invaluable in assisting retail businesses when it comes to providing exceptional customer service and problem solving. 

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What Do Customers Expect From Retailers?

As our retail marketplace becomes more digitized, modern customers look for variety in their shopping and service options. 50% of worldwide consumers interact with up to five different customer service channels. 81% of surveyed consumers believe a brand’s online presence is as crucial as in-store. Plus, stores with online buying options see 51% of their overall sales coming from digital purchases. 

The demand for online communications also increases the expectation of immediate assistance. Today’s consumer wants quick responses and prompt issue resolution. 42% of customers expect answers within an hour. 33% want any issues resolved within one interaction. 

Retail companies know that customer engagement and satisfaction are crucial to successful returns. 81% of customers say pleasant customer service interaction encourages them to make a repeat purchase. However, with inflation and climbing labor costs, how can retail operations teams meet customer requirements? The key lies in retail call center outsourcing. 

Retail Customer Service Call Centers Deliver Exceptional Experiences

Call center outsourcing allows businesses to handle crucial aspects of customer service across multiple channels and save on costs. Contact centers are able to:

  • Provide Omnichannel Experiences: 50% of retailers recognize omnichannel marketing allows them to reach more customers. Omnichannel call centers also give clients multiple digital and voice interaction possibilities, boosting consumer satisfaction. Not only does this improve consumer satisfaction, but it also can increase revenue. Statistics reveal that omnichannel customers are 25% more profitable.
  • Reduce the need for extra labor: 72% of retail owners aim to incorporate automation in their operations to curb labor-shortage stress. Call centers utilize top tech like AI, IVR and self-service, helping retailers connect with consumers without having to expand an in-house workforce. Everything from managing orders to tracking loyalty perks, handling returns, and post-customer care is expertly handled through automated systems.
  • Assist in analyzing data: 67% of retailers struggle with effectively tracking and managing customers’ private data. That’s a big deal considering 86% of consumers want personalization when contacting a business. However, they also want to ensure their account info is secure. Retail contact centers come equipped to manage customer accounts and ensure all safety protocols are in place. 
  • Deliver expert one-on-one care: Retail call centers have dedicated agents that provide personalized care. Not only are they skilled in all customer service protocols, but they are also available 24/7/365, so customers never have to wait to get their needs addressed.

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Five Star Call Centers has been leading the customer service industry for nearly 40 years. Our expert agents handle each consumer interaction with exceptional customer service and product support. 

We also use the most current tech to ensure your automation needs are addressed efficiently. Our services include omnichannel communications, data tracking, and more! 

When it comes to contact center software, our retail clients choose JUX™ by Five Star Call Centers. It’s the perfect solution for centralizing your team and streamlining communications. What’s more, it produces tangible results.

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