Call Centers Provide Outsourced Product & Technical Support

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Technology plays a significant role in business and consumer interactions, from a company’s hybrid work environments to its customer service capabilities. 

In the consumer sector, a recent study showed that digital interactions rose to 58% percent in 2020, compared to 38% in 2019. Customers also want AI and self-service options to enhance their service experience. In fact, 81% of customers want more self-service options.  

In the world of business, remote and hybrid work environments have caused many companies to change their tech capabilities. Supporting a hybrid or fully remote workforce requires communication integration, automatization, and a collective data bank. 

While companies know advanced tech is crucial to driving innovation and increasing customer engagement, setting up and maintaining in-house technology can present challenges. 

Upfront software costs, coupled with the need for added staffing to manage in-house IT and product support, can be too much for a business to handle internally. To save on resources and boost consumer care, companies turn to inbound call centers for skilled agents and access to contact center technologies.

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Why Do Companies Need Call Center Technical Support?

Customers want more ways to communicate as well as self-service options that are easy to navigate.

Companies need to provide customers with seamless digital interactions across multiple channels. This means they need to meet customers where they’re at online and on their preferred channels.

In fact, 40% of consumers believe having multiple channels to reach customer service is one of the most important factors in the customer service experience. Businesses that have robust omnichannel customer engagement also retain 89% of their client base. Offering more customer service channels can boost consumer satisfaction leading to increased brand loyalty. 

Inbound call centers offer omnichannel solutions to increase customer engagement. They also provide product support designed to handle even the most complex applications, so digital communications run smoothly.  Whether a company needs to maximize in-place solutions or assistance in deploying new omnichannel tools, call centers can take the reins. 

The Details & Benefits 

No matter what industry, inbound call centers provide important technology and product support solutions.

Resolving Tech Issues

These days, tech issues are far more complex than simply resetting a password. When customers reach out to businesses, their tech needs are far more complex and often urgent. There’s also an emotional component that shouldn’t be ignored. Angry, frustrated, or stressed customers need their concerns addressed quickly and compassionately. 

With 97% of customers staying with a company that turns a bad experience into a positive one, tech support can help boost customer loyalty.

Whether it’s a patient with a telehealth appointment or a retail customer conducting an online purchase, call center agents can access the platform, assess the situation, and fix issues. In essence, turning a tech glitch into a positive customer interaction. Plus, call centers provide real-time engagement, as they’re at the ready 24/7, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

Access to Advanced State-of-the-Art Software 

Driving innovation without high investment costs is crucial to company longevity. Call center outsourcing allows businesses to reap the benefits of omnichannel contact center software without having to shoulder all the costs. Five Star Call Centers’ proprietary software, JUX™, is the most powerful software in the industry, capable of connecting call center agents to a company’s team. 

JUX™ can be integrated into operations such as inventory, sales, appointments, shipping, payments, and more. Not only can the company access the data, but call centers can generate reports based on collected KPI data. So, with Five Star Call Centers, companies can get customized and flexible technology and product support coverage that matches their exact needs. 

Cutting-Edge Data Analysis & Quality Management

State-of-the-art data tools free up operations teams and provide business support that’s unparalleled. These all-in-one on-demand platforms utilize the latest AI technology to deliver company and customer insights. From speech and text analytics to streamlined quality management monitoring, precise information is easily accessible. These services allow business deeper insights into who their customers are as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their customer service offerings.

Multilingual Support Teams 

Nearshore call center agents are key to facilitating smooth communications by reducing language barrier challenges. Nearshore agents are typically multilingual and/or fluent in your country’s language. Therefore, if a native speaker reaches out, agents can communicate easily and tackle their concerns. 

Inbound Call Center Support for Your Business 

Five Star Call Centers has the technology to serve any industry 24/7, without interrupting business continuity. 

Our support teams will troubleshoot product questions, perform escalation services for on-site technicians, diagnose and resolve issues, and more. From omnichannel solutions to client consultations, we provide tailored services to help companies achieve their goals. 

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