Contact Centers Can Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Customer engagement has changed over the years and new client acquisition has become more challenging. New research has shown that customer acquisition costs have increased by over 200% compared to a decade ago. 

What does this mean? Organizations must restrategize how they reach new clients and invest in customer retention.

Customer acquisition costs have increased by over 200% compared to a decade ago.

What’s Making New Client Acquisition Difficult?

Increased acquisition expenditures can significantly impact profits for companies trying to weather recessions, higher payroll costs, and financial downturns. So, what’s making new client acquisition more difficult? 

One study found that:

  • 55% of consumers don’t trust companies as much as they used to.
  • 69% don’t trust advertisements.
  • 71% of customers don’t trust paid social media campaigns.
  • 81% listen to advice from friends and loved ones over that of a business.

These are just several reasons why organizations are turning their attention to improved customer service. 

Research shows 91% of customers will make a repeat purchase after a positive customer service experience. Furthermore, they are over five times more likely to recommend a brand after a single positive experience. 

Companies are working with contact center outsourcing services to boost service to attract new consumers and lower acquisition costs. 

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The Effectiveness of Nearshore Call Center Support 

Consumers demand immediate service, digital interaction options, and the promise of data security. That’s a lot for businesses to manage internally and not dip into profits. 

By partnering with a nearshore call center, a business can provide the services and security their customers demand at a price they can afford. Contact center services can be customized to the unique needs of any company, ensuring the exact needs of their customers are met. 

With multilingual agents and U.S.-based account management, nearshore support helps boost customer retention as well as entice new business.

After a single negative experience, 50% of customers will take their business elsewhere.

5 Ways Contact Center Companies Can Lower Costs

After a single negative experience, 50% of customers will take their business elsewhere. That’s a major blow to revenue. In fact, companies lose $4.7 trillion in worldwide consumer spending due to poor service. 

Call centers provide exceptional customer services—across myriad platforms—to attract and retain clientele. Plus, contact centers give consumers what they want: speedy attention, security, digital options, and knowledgeable agents.

Here are a few ways partnering with a call center can support your business.

1. Professional Customer Service Agents

80% of consumers cite knowledgeable service as essential to customer care. Call center agents come equipped with knowledge in your industry to handle consumer communications with ease and authority. 

2. Fast Communications and Resolutions

90% of consumers state immediate response times are crucial to customer care. Slow response times become a considerable frustration for customers. Call centers alleviate this frustration by providing 24/7 services and omnichannel communications. No matter what platform a customer chooses to utilize—social media, phone, chat, and more—call centers meet clients where they live online and offline.

3. Increased Data Security

Data security is a primary concern among consumers. Providing secure communications and storage is crucial to a positive customer experience. Through advanced software and strong security measures, call centers keep data breaches at bay while keeping client information at the company’s fingertips.

4. Tech Support

Dropped calls and software hiccups can erode an otherwise pleasant customer experience. Contact centers have in-house IT teams to navigate and fix tech-related problems. So consumers and organizations can get back to businesses ASAP.

5. Customer Service Escalation

61% of consumers revealed that one of their biggest frustrations when contacting customer service was having to repeat their issues. Call centers employ leading technology that tracks and stores customer communications and history, so clients can immediately reach a knowledgeable agent when needed.

Choose the Best Nearshore Call Center Company

Not all call centers are created equal. At Five Star Call Centers, we are leaders in the customer service industry. We take the time to learn about your company’s needs and provide tailored solutions.

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