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Inbound call centers can support a company’s current customer service team. It’s a scalable and cost-effective solution.

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Build Up Your Customer Service Team with Call Center Services

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

With the “Great Resignation” looming over operations teams’ heads and costs rising due to inflation, fortifying a robust customer support team might feel daunting. However, working with an inbound call center company can supplement current customer service team needs with seasoned call center agents. 

Call center outsourcing allows companies to keep their current team, but helps supplement their workforce as needed. This means that any business can have access to team expansion when it’s most critical—like when unveiling a new product, handling large orders, or processing inquiries during peak seasons. When fewer customer agents are required, companies can scale back. In effect, call centers provide talent flexibility, while keeping payroll costs manageable. 

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Businesses know exceptional customer service is central to maintaining a client base and boosting profits. However, companies need to understand what modern customers want. If a client’s needs aren’t met through their preferred service channels, the effects can have fiscal consequences. 

62% of customers stop purchasing from brands that provide poor customer service.

How do today’s consumers feel about contacting customer service? A recent poll suggests that a quarter of Americans would choose to shave their heads over contacting a service agent. A shocking 30% would rather do their taxes. 

While these statistics are amusing, clients who choose to forgo assistance will likely take their business elsewhere. In fact, 62% of customers stop purchasing from brands that provide poor customer service. Furthermore, consumers are four times more likely to work with a competing company if they experience a service-related issue.

How Can Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions Enhance Your Brand? 

Call center outsourcing allows for staffing flexibility, which saves companies money. Partnering with a call center has other money-saving and revenue-boosting benefits, including omnichannel capabilities, access to advanced contact center software, and tech support. 

Customer Service and Brand Loyalty

71% of consumers expect some level of personalization during customer service interactions.

Across the board, excellent customer service significantly impacts customer retention. 80% of customers are more likely to exhibit brand loyalty in the future if they receive good customer care support. 

A positive customer service experience might mean different things to different consumers. That’s why businesses must take a multifaceted approach to client support. However, companies don’t always have the talent pool or infrastructure to tackle all aspects of customer service. Here’s where call center outsourcing comes in.

Customer Service Around the Clock: No matter which way a customer chooses to contact support, one thing is for sure, today’s consumers prefer immediate resolutions. Call center agents are available 24/7 to address client needs and can facilitate everyday interactions across industries. 

For example:

    • Order placement and tracking
    • Loyalty program support
    • Returns and refunds
    • Appointment management 
    • Accounts receivable and payments

    Personalization and Digital Interactions: 71% of consumers expect some level of personalization in their communications with companies and 76% become frustrated when this doesn’t happen. 

    Inbound call centers can securely handle consumer data—from order history to support calls to account information. That means whenever a customer contacts a service agent, information is readily available, and agents can answer client questions promptly.

    Access to Consumer-Focused Technology and Product Support: With call center omnichannel solutions, customers can interact with businesses in myriad ways.

      • Voice: Call center agents are experts in their fields and can step in to handle customer inquiries, delivering a tailored experience. 
      • Social Media: Providing consumers the option to communicate with companies via multiple social platforms can increase customer satisfaction. Inbound call center companies can provide quick answers while helping leverage online mentions. 
      • IVR: Interactive voice response allows customers to solve issues or get questions answered. This saves them valuable time and ensures they find exactly what they’re looking for.

      In addition to technology, call centers have dedicated IT support teams that can resolve product issues, promoting a seamless customer experience. 

      Five Star Call Centers is Your Customer Service Solution

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