3 Ways Contact Centers Ease Team Management Challenges

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Collaboration is vital to move a business forward. In fact, employees working in a more collaborative environment are over 50% more productive at task completion. However, effective teamwork doesn’t occur out of thin air. 

Operations managers are responsible for laying the foundation for successful collaboration while promoting employee engagement. According to a recent study, managers are responsible for 70% of variance in employee engagement, but the actual percentage of managers promoting it is as low as 15%.

To maximize the power teams can bring to businesses, companies must strengthen team management through enhanced teamwork, trust, and communication. Organizations are partnering with nearshore call centers to relieve some of the burdens managers face.

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Contact Center Solutions Lessen the Lift for Operations Teams

One of the most prominent hurdles managers contend with is balancing the individual employee’s needs with the team’s needs as a whole. From efficiency to communication, collaboration to motivation, operations teams strive to strike a balance to help their companies thrive. 

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3 Ways Nearshore Call Centers Enhance Team Management

1. Collaboration 

Business best practices aren’t developed overnight. It takes a whole team’s time and energy to propel a company toward success. 

In the modern workforce landscape, operations teams navigate hybrid work environments while trying to deliver exceptional customer service. Bolstering collaboration while employees are working off-premise and across departments can prove a significant challenge. 

Contact centers foster cooperative environments through advanced tech and software. JUX™, the proprietary software from Five Star Call Centers, acts as a central hub, providing critical data that’s easily accessible. The platform connects your entire team—from call center agents to management, C-Levels, and more—making it easier to collaborate.

2. Employee Satisfaction

To keep employee engagement high, businesses need to consider how to foster healthy environments for workers. Employee gratification is key to a happy team member

Because call centers take on day-to-day tasks, employees are free to focus on high-level tasks. Removing the added burden of routine customer care means teams can spend more time focusing on strategy, business development, crafting internal processes, and more. 

3. Communication

Internal communication is crucial to team management. Call centers provide digital platforms and advanced data collection tools to enhance team communications and improve strategic planning.

KPI tracking systems pull real-time consumer metrics and speech-to-text data to a central framework. So, any member of the team can access crucial data 24/7. Giving your teams access to client information on-demand can help them develop real-time solutions. This is essential for teams working together towards a project goal.

Communication channels available through call center software allow teams to interact with each other and customers across platforms. This helps boost productivity and goal achievement. 

Key Takeaways

Contact centers take the load off your internal operations teams and streamline team management. 

Employees can connect more effectively and positively through contact center software that fosters enhanced teamwork. Thanks to talented call center agents, teams have the time to focus on imperative projects geared toward business growth and employee engagement. 

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Managers can improve the employee experience using these call center services.

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