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Our inbound call center service providers share the facts on how customer support outsourcing saves companies money.

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How Does Call Center Outsourcing Save Companies Money?

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

A recent report by Trading Economics showed that inflation rates hit a high of over 8% in September 2022 and fuel and electricity costs are the highest they’ve been since 1981. In addition to these financial challenges, there are talks of an upcoming recession

Sticking to budgets and cutting costs are top priorities for companies wanting to preserve profits. 

When expenses increase, businesses seek money-saving solutions that won’t impact productivity. That’s when leaders turn to inbound call center solutions. 

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Why Do Companies Outsource Call Centers to Save Money?

Companies can save anywhere from 15% to 90% of their usual costs by outsourcing. Partnering with a call center gives companies access to expert nearshore and offshore call centers, as well as work-from-home agents, helping to drive down certain operational costs.  

Companies can save anywhere from 15% to 90% of their usual costs with call center outsourcing.

Inbound call centers also assist in building brand loyalty and help foster long-term, financial growth.

Boosted Brand Loyalty Through Customer Care

Increasing your customer satisfaction could mean boosting revenue growth over the long term. 

For example:

  • 90% of customers factor in a brand’s customer service when making a purchase.
  • 85% of customers are willing to pay more money to receive an improved customer service experience.
  • Studies indicate that companies that improve their customer service can grow sales by up to 8%.

Since inbound call center companies are experts in customer care, your clients will receive attentive, professional service with every interaction. Agents are ready to field a wealth of client interactions, which means they can address concerns immediately. Call centers also provide omnichannel and digital interaction capabilities, so your customers receive access to customer care 24/7/365.

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Enhanced Personalization Through Advanced Tech

Today’s consumers want personalized customer service. With advanced personalization options, customers are more likely to make future purchases with that company.

71% of customers expect personalized customer care from companies.

The facts:

  • 71% of customers expect personalized customer care from companies. 
  • 76% get frustrated when they don’t receive a personalized experience.
  • Nearly three-quarters of customers value their personal data being used to enhance their shopping experience.

Plus, studies have shown that effective personalization strategies can reduce marketing and sales expenses by 10% to 20%.

Call centers offer customer data and tracking support, so a client’s information is readily accessible during every interaction. Inbound call centers also provide myriad digital interaction options so clients can get their needs met on their timelines. 

Utilizing advanced technology like JUX™ software and AI and IVR capabilities means operations teams can easily track inventory, manage team members, and more. Companies that partner with call centers have access to state-of-the-art tech without the investment costs. 

Expanded Workforce Without Added Labor Costs

Call center agents are skilled in a variety of industries and come equipped with industry knowledge alongside high levels of customer care. This means they are ready to step in without interrupting business continuity.

It can cost U.S. companies approximately $1,000 per new employee in training costs. Whether your company is battling talent shortages or wants a leg up on the competition, outsourced call center agents can fill in the gaps without the added training costs. With agents working remotely, you also can free up office space for other projects or consider downsizing to save on property and utility costs.

Hiring Flexibility

Call centers offer workforce flexibility. You can increase the number of call center agents if you need to ramp up customer service for product promotion or during your high-volume seasons. Companies can also keep their expert staff and hire call center agents for support roles. Inbound call center solutions can be customized to fit any company’s unique needs.

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