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Call center outsourcing can improve your customer service, build brand loyalty, and increase your customer base. Find out how.

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Call Center Outsourcing is the Future of Customer Service

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Every business strives for customer service excellence. Whether connecting with a client for the first time, or the hundredth, personal attention and prompt problem solving are crucial to the consumer experience. 

A study conducted by McKinsey & Company revealed 71% of consumers expect high levels of personalization when interacting with businesses. Plus, 90% of consumers base their purchases on a brand’s customer service, with 67% paying more for expert customer care. When high standards are not met, customers could take their business elsewhere and share their negative experiences with others. 

90% of consumers base their purchases on a brand’s customer service.

Across industries, operational teams are tackling extra roles to compensate for labor shortages. Employee burnout is at an all-time high, at the same time consumers want personalized, expert customer service. How can operations teams meet client expectations without added burdens? The answer is partnering with customer service call centers.

How Can Call Center Outsourcing Companies Meet Customer Demand?

Modern consumers expect a lot from businesses. They want a connected brand experience that allows for multiple communication channels. In fact, 90% of customers expect a smooth transaction regardless of the communication method. Additionally, based on recent surveys, 86% of consumers also want brands to be well informed regarding their personal data. However, at the same time, privacy and security are still concerns.

90% of people want an immediate response from customer service.

Outsourced call centers allow companies to provide client personalization, professional customer service, and secure digital communication. Not only will your customers be delighted, but your business will see better returns. For example:

  • Omnichannel communications address customer inquiries on multiple platforms. Agents can respond to clients via email, phone, chat, social media, and via other digital interactions.
  • AI and IVA options allow customers to interact with virtual agents. These self-service platforms expedite client correspondence and are available 24/7. AI and IVA function as expertly as human interaction, freeing agents and operations teams to handle more pressing matters.
  • Gathering and entering personal data while optimizing security. 67% of retailers say managing customer data is their greatest customer service struggle. Having an outsourced contact center handle all aspects of data synthesis means consumers feel secure. In fact, 90% state that they are likely to trust a company with solid security. 
  • Call center outsourcing companies can work with most Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM). This results in streamlined communications and business continuity.
  • Boosting sales by storing customer spending habits and offering targeted promotions. 
  • Running sales support and managing warranty questions, order placement, and shipping information.
  • Reducing poor reviews due to mismanaged customer service. 90% of modern consumers peruse online reviews before committing to a purchase. If customers experience a lack of personalization, they might choose to leave a negative review. In fact, 50% of internet users post interviews at least once a month. Call center agents can address customer needs before they become complaints. 

Positive Customer Interactions Build Brand Loyalty

It is no secret that brands need positive consumer interactions to both retain and build their customer base. This is why 73% of retailers are investing in omnichannel tech to better meet customer needs. However, overseeing all aspects of client interactions can be challenging to set up and sustain. 

Outsourcing your customer service and product management to a skilled call center translates into an exceptional client experience. 

Embrace the Future of Customer Service with Five Star Call Centers

Experience excellence when you partner with our award-winning company. Let our skilled agents take your brand to the next level by handling all your customer service needs. 

For nearly 40 years, we have been assisting businesses of all kinds expand their brand, from retail to healthcare, hospitality to finance, and more. We offer advanced omnichannel solutions, company consultations, quality assurance, IT support, and account relationship management. 

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