Five Star Call Centers releases their COVID-19 reopening plan for sites and employees. Our five-phased approach allows our team to plan for the reopening of Five Star during this current pandemic and support efforts for future pandemics.

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A Reopening Plan for COVID-19

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Marketing Officer, Five Star Call Centers

Five Star Call Centers Enacts Their Five Phases of Five Star Reopening Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the power of humanity to adapt for the greater good of mankind. We’ve adopted business practices to protect our employees. We’ve spent endless hours at home to protect ourselves and others from getting sick. Now we look forward to the future and reality of our businesses reopening in the safest way possible with COVID-19. Today, I share Five Star Call Centers’ reopening plan: The Five Phases of Five Star.

Our five-phased approach allows our team to plan for the reopening of Five Star during this current pandemic and support efforts for future pandemics.

Today, we are moving into phase three of our reopening plan. We’ve begun bringing associates back to the office that prefer to be and are more efficient onsite. By June 10, are our goal is to move from 25% to 50 % occupancy to our sites. By July 15, we hope to be at our new, normal capacity.


In addition to a phased reopening plan for employees coming back to work at physical sites, Five Star also offers a phased approach to monitoring employees for signs of COVID-19 as they enter physical sites as well as guests visits on site. This phased approach is also being used to the opening of communal spaces, like breakrooms.

As we work towards reopening our country, we must continue to do so with the safety of our employees in mind. At Five Star, our phased reopening plan allows us to safely bring employees back to the office while still providing a safe, at-home working environment for our most vulnerable employees.

Our timelines are also not set in stone. We are unknown territory. As the country reopens and employees return to work at business sites, Five Star will continue to monitor CDC, national, and state recommendations and adapt as needed.

With business moving forward and the safety of our team in mind, we look forward to finding our new normal.

About the Author - Joel Sylvester

Joel’s career spans hundreds of companies and helping each enhance their customer experience. He has recruited, trained, and coached award-winning customer services teams across the globe in industries spanning retail, finance, product support, healthcare, hospitality and more. Today, Joel serves as partner and chief sales and marketing officer for Five Star Call Centers, an outsourcing call center with five locations based in the Midwest.

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