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How can call center services help support your company’s hybrid work environment? We share five ways call center solutions support operational teams and their employees.

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5 Ways Call Centers Support Hybrid Work Environments

By Joel Sylvester, Chief Client Officer, Five Star Call Centers

It’s no secret the modern work landscape has changed since 2020. One of the most dynamic shifts in the workplace is rethinking “the office,” and the benefits of working remotely. As a result, companies are discovering that many employees appreciate a hybrid work environment. 

To meet the wants and needs of personnel without sacrificing profits, operational teams, managers, and business owners are searching for cost-effective solutions to bolster functional hybrid labor forces. Crucial tools in navigating the ever-evolving workforce include outsourced call center services

What is the Future of Hybrid Work?

Hybrid work is expected to grow in the coming years and it’s become critical for operational teams and managers to make informed choices regarding their employees’ wants and needs. 

The “Great Resignation” has challenged companies across the nation and its effects continue. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, over 47 million workers in the U.S. quit their jobs in 2021. Additionally, the 2021 State of Remote Work Report found that over 80% of workers are feeling more empowered to hold their leaders accountable when it comes to satisfaction in the workplace.

Based on that same report, 90% of surveyed remote workers stated they were equally or more productive when working away from the office. Plus, 84% felt that working remotely improved their overall happiness and that they would be willing to take a reduced wage to continue working from home. 

However, as operations managers know, overseeing an entire team outside the office can be complex. So, If your company foresees continued hybrid work in 2023, working with a call center can help without interrupting business continuity

Reasons Your Business Needs a Call Center

The benefits of a call center include streamlining communications, providing expert customer service, administering product support, and solving problems. This suite of skills and services takes the pressure off your employees while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

What are the benefits of using a contact center?

  1. Immediate Customer Support: A good rapport with customers is necessary for any business to build its brand and maintain profits. On-demand customer support is one of the most beneficial aspects of a call center. Not only can centers be available 24/7 to handle emergency calls, but their agents can alert you to any priority calls or digital interactions so they can be promptly addressed.
  2. Professional, Focused Client Attention:  Professional call centers employ agents well-versed in high-level customer interactions. These experts become an extension of your company as well as brand ambassadors. This means any call or digital interactions received will be handled according to your precise standards. 
  3. Offer an Expanded Workforce: Call centers employ a large and diverse workforce expertly trained in client relations. So, instead of hiring additional staff to cover the phones or handle customer inquiries or complaints, businesses have the advantage of an expanded workforce without all the payroll costs. This improves efficiency by freeing up your staff to focus on their most important tasks instead of having to pause and field questions.
  4. Technological Capabilities: In addition to sales and service, call centers utilize the most advanced technology, like JUX™, which allows for seamless multi-platform integration. Omnichannel-focused call centers utilize cloud-based software to manage client interactions across many platforms, including phone, email, and instant chat. Plus, call centers provide their own in-house IT support, so any potential issues are handled quickly and effectively. 
  5. Quality Control: Call centers record their interactions for quality purposes. This means you have direct access to all conversations and can pivot messaging as your company expands or products or services change. 

Our Call Center Outsourcing Services Have You Covered

Strengthen your customer service and build brand loyalty with Five Star Call Centers’ award-winning experiences. Our agents are carefully selected with your company’s needs in mind, so you know your clients will receive a tailored, expert experience every time.  

Our solutions help combat the challenges faced by operational teams so they can prioritize operational objectives. Whether it’s voice, email and chat, IVR, or our consulting services, we are there for our partners 24/7/365. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring our passion and professionalism to your brand.

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