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Nearshore Call Centers: Excellent Customer Service With Cost Savings

When your business is looking for cost-effective call center services with an outsourcer that considers world-class customer care the #1 priority, nearshore call center outsourcing with Five Star Call Centers is your company’s answer. 

At our nearshore call centers, we provide our clients:

  • Cost-savings we pass along to our clients
  • Multilingual agents with similar skills and cultures as the United States
  • Full omnichannel services and analytics
  • Data storage within the United States
  • Local technology infrastructure that keeps your services up and running
  • Account management within the United States
  • Great opportunity for data entry and back office support

We offer customer care for several industries, including: 

  • Product & Tech Support
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Finance
  • Professional Services

Get back to the business of focusing on your business. We’ve go your customers covered. 

What Are The Benefits of Nearshore Outsourcing?


Operational cost are often less expensive at nearshore call center locations. This cost-savings is passed along to our clients.

Similar Language & Cultural Understanding

Similar language and cultures to the U.S.  are shared by nearshore agents.  

This may result in quicker reaction times, greater levels of satisfaction, and fewer communication blunders.

Scalability & Flexibility

Business find it easier to scale up or down without additional expenditures and admin requirements needed with in-house call centers. 

Our Nearshore Locations

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OUTthink. OUTwork. OUTdo. That’s Five Star Call Centers Outsourcing.

That’s the difference with Five Star Call Centers. Talk with our clients. Visit our call centers. Meet our agents. You’ll feel the difference between us and other call centers. The difference of true partnership. We don’t want to be just your vendor. At Five Star Call Centers, we will sit side-by-side with you – as part of your company – to ensure your customers get care just like you would deliver with the benefits of U.S. call center outsourcing.

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The capital of Guatemala, Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America. Home to 12 universities and many individuals fluent in both English and Spanish, businesses needing to provide customer support in the U.S. will find Guatemala City a great location to outsource your customer care. And with Guatemala’s cost of living being relatively low, operating costs are lower and this savings is shared with our clients. Plus, it is a safe and dependable destination for enterprises due to its stable political and economic environment. Split into 25 Zones, our call center location is in Zone 10.

Why choose our Guatemala City, Guatemala location:

    • Cost savings up to 50% from onshore call center outsourcers
    • Observes Central Time Zone all year long
    • Multi-lingual agent support, including English and Spanish
    • Population with similar skills and cultures as the United States
    • We test and rank agents on English speaking and writing tests 
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Our Guatemala Location


Located in the Northern part of the country, Chihuahua, Mexico is the 12th largest city in Mexico and is well known for its deserts, snow-capped mountains, and alpine forests surrounding the city. It is also home to 10 universities, with a growing population of students that also support the workforce. The area is a largest producer of engineering graduates in the world. 

Why choose our Chihuahua, Mexico location:

  • Cost savings up to 50% from onshore call center outsourcers
  • Located in U.S. Mountain time zone
  • Close proximity to the United States
  • Multi-lingual agent support, including English 
  • Population with similar skills and cultures as the United States
  • We test and rank agents on English speaking and writing tests 
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Our Mexico Location

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