Our People

The reason we make a great team.

Our customer service representatives are experts at what they do—taking care of our callers. That’s because we hire the right people for the job. People who are friendly, well-spoken, and have a genuine interest in helping others.

From ongoing training opportunities to our supportive culture, we set our team up for success.


Our hiring process ensures the CSR life is a perfect fit for a candidate. After all, we want our people to work for us (and you) for years to come.

After screening applications and talking with candidates on the phone, we test for data entry and spelling skills before interviewing. Then, after the interview, they’re given the opportunity to sit side-by-side with a current employee, talk about the experience, and ensure they love every aspect.

We also conduct criminal background checks on everyone. Our CSRs working in financial services must also pass an OFAC check. We might be selective with who we hire, but we know our time-tested process makes for happier employees and clients.


We know that training is key when it comes to making our CSRs your successful brand ambassadors. After our team members’ new hire orientation, clients play an integral role in our training process.

We want our CSRs to know the ins and outs of your product or service, know who your customers are, and give them easily accessible resources to guide every call. We work with you to develop a solid curriculum. We also assess competency after training to ensure our CSRs understand your material.

Our CSRs oftentimes work with the same client for years, and become invested in their mission. That’s the personalized, passionate service we strive for.


Five Star Call Centers exceeds the industry standard for retention. Our tight-knit relationships with clients make for a less stressful workday than most U.S. call centers.

Our team members like working here. When CSRs train on one account and they’re a good match, they’re likely going to be on that account for years to come. Our team members get to know your product or service and are well-versed with your brand. So you can have peace of mind knowing that the quality of your calls are top-notch.  


In a community with many call centers, Five Star Call Centers attracts top CSR talent. Why? It’s our supportive culture.

Our relaxed work environment (where jeans are a-okay), approachable leadership, and good benefits are just a small part of how we show we care. We offer flexible scheduling—including a PCI compliant work-at-home program—which allows CSRs to create a work-life balance life that suites them and our clients.

Fun days (like ones where management makes everyone smoothies), volunteer activities, and different wellness initiatives are also a part of our office life. Our people are more than a number. They’re a crucial part of a team that knows one another and works together to provide great customer service solutions.

Put our team to work for you.  

Give us a call at 800-894-7832.

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