Employee Testimonials

I love Five Star. It’s a fantastic community where you build a relationship with the staff and the managers. They work on any obstacles you experience and acknowledge the associates. I love the pay and the hours and couldn’t have found a better job.

- Sasha

This job is never boring and I would highly recommend working here. I came from a manufacturing job and wasn't really sure what to expect. I am very impressed with how easy it was to get questions answered any time I needed help. Five Star has a fun work environment with lots of contests and games. The employees are very friendly.

- Bryan

I worked in a call center for over 20 years, and I was not only a number. At Five Star you are a person. When you make a mistake, they help you. When you ask for help, you get it. I love the atmosphere here. I love helping customers with their accounts.

- Tereesa

Five Star has a friendly atmosphere and opportunities to advance! The team managers are ALWAYS happy to help you with anything! My team manager Lisa has always believed in me and pushed me to succeed.

- Deanna

Five Star is a second family to me I love my team members and I have an amazing supervisor! Five Star is one of the few places I have worked for that works with me when I’m in school and makes sure I still get all the hours I can handle.

- Jackie

I really enjoy working here! I am a student at NDSU, so during the school year, I have a very busy schedule. Five Star has been EXCELLENT with working around my school schedule. The work environment is very casual and I've met a number of cool coworkers. I like that I'm able to ask questions to the supervisors as well as any team manager and they're always willing to help me.

- Tyler

Today at Five Star Call Centers, we have brought back the Community Blood Bank bloodmobile to help make a differenc……