Five Principles

We Are... Passionate

Passionate, by definition, is showing enthusiasm for something. Five Star Call Centers is nothing short of passionate. That is why we made it one of our principles. We are passionate in everything we do, especially our agents, community, our partners, and our partner's customers.

As a company, we are committed to helping our agents be successful, happy, and comfortable. We continue to give back to our community to make it not only a great place to live, but also a great place to raise a family for generations to come.

For our partners, we always strive to be the best partners as possible. If that means we are 24/7, we will be 24/7. Our commitment to our partners and their customers is beyond compare. We go the extra mile.

Team Member Engagement

Most call centers say they foster a team mentality. We live it. Because of this, not only are our team members excited to take your calls, they are also excited to come to work. If you are looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere and a casual work environment where you make your own schedule, we have something for you.

One of the things that we highly value is volunteerism, and we encourage our team members to get involved in many different ways.

We Are... Results

Five Star Call Centers has a comprehensive customer-centric operating model based on 30 years of results. These results take your customer service needs to a new level. We produce results by having:

  • THE RIGHT PEOPLE: We hire the right people the first time. Through our extensive hiring process and personality assessments, we are able to find the best fit the first time for each of our compaigns.
  • THE RIGHT PARTNERS: If we have learned anything over the past 30 years it is that you cannot be everything to everybody. For this reason, we only work on programs that are a good fit within our organization. We want our team members to excited to take your calls so the results we produce exceed our partner's expectations.
  • THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE: Our new ownership team has over 65 years of call center experience so we understand call centers. From technology to customers to team members, we know what it takes to produce world-class results.

Five Star Call Centers produces results to ensure we are reaching the highest level of customer care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We continuously work with our partners to identify ways in which we can improve the customer experience to ensure customers are advocates of your brand.

For our partners we track and coach:

  • Service Level / Response Time
  • First-Call Resolution
  • Forecasting Accuracy
  • Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction

We Are... Responsive

By definition, responsive means "reacting quickly and positively." Five Star Call Centers has been doing this for 30 years so we understand that not all events can be forecasted and planned. For this reason, we pride ourselves on being the most responsive call center. We are quick to react, open to suggestions, and will put a plan in place to handle unplanned events. We have multiple references that can talk to our ability to be responsive.

  • Hired 50 agents in 48 hours for one seasonal client's influx of call volume
  • Client had an 8 minute average speed of answer, reduced to under 30 seconds
  • Client had an 8% abandonment rate internally, reduced to under 2%

Our customer service representatives are supplied with the needed information to resolve issues on first contact. Our representatives are

trained to handle a broad range of inbound call center services including:

  • Customer Service Inquiries
  • E-Mail Management
  • Tier I & II Technical Support
  • Application Processing
  • Up-Sell / Cross-Sell
  • Help Desk & Dispatch Services
  • Literature Fulfillment
  • Dealer Locator Services
  • Live Web Chat Support
  • Customer Acquisition & Sales
  • Manufacturing Troubleshooting
  • Sales / Order Entry
  • Appointment Setting
  • Product Recalls
  • Reservation Processing

We Are... Trusted

Trusted means you can believe in the reliability, truth, and strength of our company.
What we say, we do. But don't just take our word for it. Ask our partners.

  • "Five Star surpassed all operational expectations we set for them and in the process demonstrated their 5280 commitment to becoming a clear choice as a strategic communications partner. They have been able to improve average speed of answer by 76%, service level by 49% and lower abandonment rate from 14% to 3%."
    -VP of Customer Relations and Distribution
    o Global Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • "In general, we have found the quality of the agents and the management staff to be very high, and the values and actions of Five Star, as a company, to be the highest order. I recommend them strongly and would welcome any contact, should further feedback be required."
     -VP of Operations
    o Delivery Logistics Provider
  • "Five Star Call Centers has stepped up to the plate to meet and exceed our expectations on all fronts. They are professional, responsive and they deliver on their commitments."
     - Licensing Supervisor
    o South Dakota State Government Department
  • "Five Star Call Centers has been a tremendous contributor to our success. Their quality of service is superior and their creativity, responsiveness and ability to consistently deliver results underscores the reason we proudly recommend Five Star Call Centers for all your customer contact needs."
    - VP of Sales and Marketing
    o Home Improvement Retailer

We Are... Custom

Custom, by definition, is to modify or create something according to an individual's requirement.

We have been working in call centers long enough to know that not all solutions can be the same for everyone. To determine your exact needs...

  • We will listen to your wants and needs
  • We will ask you clarifying questions and make recommendations
  • We will show you what we have built or build something from scratch to meet your exact specifications
Who says you can't have a little fun at the office. #NotYourOrdinaryCallCenter #IAmAFiveStar